Friday, 17 June 2011

Best laid plans

Oops! I had a blog post planned for yesterday all about how I've been working more than usual for the last few days, and how I've had very little time to do much else. Then last night, after work, picking the kids up from the childminder, and a meeting with an estate agent, I found myself driving to the other side of Edinburgh to the Sick Kids Hospital. Robbie had got some bark chip in his eye at school, and although the teachers had managed to get it out, he was still complaining of a sore eye hours later.

Anyway, we saw a lovely doctor who put some dye in his eye (yellow, he loved it), and found a scratch on his eyeball. She gave us some antibiotic cream and said it should be fine in a few days. I'm not sure how serious it really was, as after she had put the dye in and looked at his eye, Robbie said he felt much better, and that the medicine had made everything 'fine'. He failed to realise that he hadn't had the cream in yet.

I'm sure the parents amongst you can imagine, or have experience of, the joy of trying to administer cream to the eyeball of a 5-year-old. So far we've managed to get plenty to stick to his eyelashes, but I'm not sure that's doing much good.

I did squeeze in my first run since Sunday this morning. It was great. I aimed for a steady pace, and ended up running my fastest 5k since August (excluding the parkrun race) with a time of around 26m40s. Not bad for a jog round the block! I'm hoping to do the majority of this week's miles in the next 2 days...


  1. That is much worse than giving medicine to cats. Good luck.

  2. Oh poor guy! Good luck with that medicine administration!

  3. Robbie should never get involved with medical trials. If he's so susceptible to the placebo effect, he'll screw up all the data. Good luck getting that ointment in. I'm sure it's challenging.

  4. Ouch! And putting the medicine in the eye is sometimes even worse than the original injury... Love the picture, though! Was that part of the therapy?

  5. My dad is an Ophthalmologist so I know all about getting any form of medicine into a child’s eye. Just good that it wasn’t serious. Happy running, that 5km time is great!

  6. Aw I hope his eye heals nicely but it sounds like he is doing just fine with the doctor's funky coloured eye solution. Bless him.

    Congratulations on your fantastic run!