Monday, 30 April 2012

April Rundown

What a wet few weeks that was! Last month really lived up to the expression 'April showers', as we finally had heavy rain, along with strong winds and cold temperatures for several days in a row. It didn't stop me running, but it did make some of those runs slightly less enjoyable!

The biggest disappointment was a rare DNS, at a race I felt confident of PB-ing in. Hopefully I'll be able to put that right next month.

The biggest excitement was a course PB at Eastbourne Parkrun, where I shaved almost 40 seconds from my previous time, and ran within 15 seconds of my (faster course) 5K PB.

Two weeks of Easter holidays and the children off school meant that my mileage was not as high as I would have liked, and although I cranked it up over the last couple of weeks to make up for the first two, it's still my lowest mileage of the year...

Ran 17 times = 77.12 miles
Cycled 2 times = 20 miles
1 Race
1 (sort of) PB!

Overall though, I've kept things pretty consistent - I'm still running 4 times a week, and usually over 15 miles each week. I'm still feeling as though I'm as fit as I've ever been, so bring on the next month!


  1. Yea for all that running in the rain!

  2. A very solid April...bring on May!!

  3. You had a very good month considering all the rain - and yes, I was thinking about that old saying more than once the past few weeks: April showers bring May flowers... Let's hope May is better!

  4. You make me feel guilty for skipping Saturday's long run because it was raining. Well done on getting the job done.