Sunday, 17 June 2012

A poorly week

Not much running to report this week, because I'm afraid to say I got the lurgy. I did a long run on Tuesday afternoon, had a rest day on Wednesday, felt ill that evening, decided to drop Thursday morning's run in favour of sleep, felt much worse that evening, stayed in bed all day while Pete looked after the kids on Friday, managed to go to work on Saturday, and feel almost back to normal today!

So not ideal, but at least the feeling-really-crap stage didn't last too long. I'm left with a head full of congestion, and I know from experience that this will last a while, but luckily I haven't had a cough or any chest problems with this one. (So far - fingers crossed).

I was very tempted to try a run on Thursday morning, but I'm glad I didn't give in to temptation, as it would no doubt have been tough and of no benefit. I also wondered about trying to squeeze one in today, but I decided that there's no point tiring myself out, and another day off is probably more beneficial than a slow 3-miler. Hard to accept this logic when you want to run, but we all know it's the sensible thing to do!

I'm glad then that Tuesday's run was a pretty damn good 10-miler. There were a couple of annoyances with this run:  one was that it was raining, and in the 90 minutes I was out there, it didn't let up for a single sorry second. I got drenched, which I didn't enjoy, and my bra-strap chafed where it was soaking wet and rubbed a load of skin off - ouch!

You can't really tell, but I was soaked
The second irritant was my Garmin being silly. It said low battery before I went (but there was no reason why it should have been low), and frustratingly, it went dead about 0.2 miles before I got home!

Anyway, I didn't care too much, because I was so pleased with my speed. I averaged 8.56 min/miles, and although the Garmin only recorded 9.8 miles (grrr), I ran 10 altogether, and was speeding up at the end.  That's about the same speed as my Half Marathon PB, and the fastest I've ever run 10 miles. I'll be doing my first 10 mile race in October, so I'll be looking for a time around 1h25m - 27m, I suppose.

I think the rain definitely made me faster, as I was fed up with being out in it!

So that was that for last week: just 10 miles run. While I'm not feeling 100% today, I'm getting there, so with the help of some apples, orange juice, coffee and plenty of sleep I'm hoping to get a long run in tomorrow, and get back to 20 miles+ this week. Sniff.


  1. It's nice to know that I'm not the only sensible but frustrated runner out there. Why is it so hard for us to not run when most of the population find it hard to get off their backsides and do anything?

  2. Feel better and you did great on that rainy run. And you do look soaked BTW!

  3. Oh bummer, no fun to be sick. Glad you're on the rebound and hope that crud vacates soon! I tend to down so much vitamin C whenever I feel blah...I think it helps.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well - and then all that rain - that sucks. Hope this week is better!