Tuesday, 6 August 2013

July Rundown

Wow, the beginning of July seems like a really long time ago. It was a long and full month, including a family weekend away, sports day for the kids, Robbie's swimming gala triumph, a work trip to Cambridge, and the start of the school holidays.

I had a few days in bed with a nasty sickness bug, and I spent 3 weeks teaching 5 days a week on a summer school - these two events contributed to my low running mileage for July:

Ran - 16x = 65.3 miles
Cycled - 3x = 39.8 miles
2 Parkruns

It was a really good month, especially in terms of the kids' achievements. Robbie has now completed 4 parkruns and is keen to do more! I always check to see whether he want to keep coming, but he seems to really enjoy it, and I know he's got his eye on getting a free t-shirt when he reaches 10. 

My motivation for running at the moment is that I want to meet my goal from the start of the year to complete 1000 miles by December. I reckon that if I can average 20 miles a week, it should be in the bag. 

That's proving pretty tough now it's the holidays. 12 -15 miles feels a lot more achievable, but won't be enough, especially assuming I'll probably be ill or injured at some point. 

But it's good to have that motivation, otherwise I might be tempted to just relax, sit back and enjoy the summer sunshine... sigh...


  1. I think the temptation of the sunshine would be hard to resist. There's just something about lying in that warmth that makes me a giant sloth - sucks all the will to do anything except lay back and enjoy it. But I'm sure you'll get some running done at some stage.

  2. Love the feet in the sand. How relaxing! Great that your son is liking those park runs. You area a great inspiration to him.

  3. A good July and I'm sure August will be even better. Keep that motivation high!