Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Back online - Catch up!

Hello? Anyone still there?

I am finally properly back online since we moved house. All this time I have survived on occasional wifi use at other people's houses, but at last we're fully functioning - hurrah!

So I never got to post about my birthday.

We actually moved house on my birthday, so it was a fairly boring day of cleaning, waiting for removal men and unpacking. But before all that, we had a great morning at parkrun! It was Eastbourne's 100th run, so runners were encouraged to dress up in Christmassy gear.

Robbie and I took our Santa hats (although Robbie's might have been a bit big)

Anyway, before the run, Robbie finally got his t-shirt. This is a prize that is awarded to junior runners when they achieve the milestone of 10 runs. Robbie did his 10th run in mid-September, but it has taken this long for the t-shirt to arrive in Eastbourne!

This was actually Robbie's 18th parkrun, and my 40th - when I get to 50, I'll get a t-shirt too!

We took it very easy, and finished 141st and 142nd - it was a much larger field than usual! Afterwards there was cake and mince pies to celebrate the 100th run. It was a great birthday morning, although Robbie did try to steal my mince pie - no chance!


  1. Love it! Happy Running in 2014!

  2. It was lucky that Robbie could see where he was going with that giant hat on. Next year he'll have to grow an afro so it fits him better.

  3. Congrats on your new house! Wish you all the best for 2014,

  4. 50 runs is a lot for a t shirt. Yay for Robbie getting his. Congrats on your new house.

  5. Well done! It looks like you had fun running.

    Congrats on the succesfull move.