Saturday, 29 March 2014

The family that runs together, eats cake together.

This month the whole family has been joining in with running and activity in general. It seems that either a. I am an inspiration to them all, or b. they have given in and realised that if you can't beat me, join me. Here follows a brief recap of our family achievements in March.

1. My last post was about Robbie and I running a new parkrun course, which was on the 1st March. The following day I did my 2nd race of the year, Eastbourne Half Marathon. It was my 3rd year in a row, and my worst time yet! Having run a PB 2 weeks earlier, I was content to take it easy, but tiredness in my legs, the huge hill and a strong head wind all took their toll and I found it really tough. The family was there watching me though, and Robbie and Emma joined me to run through the finish, which was the ONLY reason I was smiling.

2. On Saturday 8th March, we finally persuaded Emma to join us in a parkrun! Yay! She's only 6, and she did find it a long way, so we let her stop and walk a few times. She still completed the 5K in under 40 mins though, and was not last. She has decided that she will aim to join us every other Saturday, giving herself plenty of rest days! It was great having all 4 of us run together, and Robbie was really sweet, wanting to let her cross the line first.

According to Emma's schedule, we all ran again 2 weeks later, but were hit by cold weather and hail, which she didn't like. She only walked once though, so did really well to keep going.

3.The following day it was beautiful sunshine, and we all went for a walk in the countryside. It was just outside our town, and we had a great time exploring up a hill, where we found a nice spot to sit and eat a snack before hiking back. Lovely day.

4.  The spring weather has definitely been inspiring us, and last week, Pete decided to take a day off work so we could go for a bike ride together while the kids were at school. We headed East, through a nearby town and on to a country road, which turned out to be popular with cyclists. It was great, we sped along and really enjoyed it. After about 11 miles, we reached a big seaside town, and stopped for a coffee in a museum cafe there with a view of the beach. It was wonderful.
When we headed back though, we found that we had been helped on our way by a strong tail wind, which we now had to battle all the way back. As we went along the coast, it was very tough! We did stop at a pub and get a roast lunch, before making it home. It was about 25 miles in total. I honestly can't think of a better way to spend a day off work!

5. Last weekend, it was Emma's second parkrun, and then on the Sunday we took part in a Sport relief mile. This runs every 2 years and we did it last time. You get sponsored to run for charity, and we ran a mile round a race track, so 4 laps. It's not timed, just for fun, but Emma did it all without stopping this time, and they got another medal at the end.

6. This morning, it was just Robbie and me at parkrun. We went at his pace, and my garmin failed to locate any satellite whatsoever, so I didn't know how fast we were going, but we both thought it was pretty speedy. When we got our results later, it was a PB for him by 1 min and 10 secs, beating his previous best time from November! Amazing! We ran 31m12s, and it was also my 50th parkrun. This means I should soon be seen sporting the appropriate red 50 t-shirt. It was Robbie's 25th run, so he's not far off either!


  1. Wow, Liz, you have really inspired your whole family to be active, which is wonderful! I love the new banner picture!

  2. While I'm so impressed with all your family's sporting achievements, I have to say that Emma's impressed me most of all. Running 5k is a long way - especially to a 6 year old. I didn't run that far till I was 13. She's a champion!

  3. Great post. You are doing lots of fun things with your family.

  4. This is all just sooo good! I'm always trying to inspire and lift my family into more action and I know how good it makes me feel if they do get involved. You can be very proud of them all.

  5. This is all just sooo good! I'm always trying to inspire and lift my family into more action and I know how good it makes me feel if they do get involved. You can be very proud of them all.