Monday, 17 May 2010

1 week to go...a busy weekend

I've been taking the 'resting' part of my training very seriously over the last few days. As Pete was away on a work trip, I missed my usual Friday morning run, then somehow didn't get around to it on Saturday either. I was just too busy having a nice weekend.

On Friday night we had friends round for pizza and I drank more wine than I'm used to these days (2 glasses - but they were
big glasses, ok?), and went to bed late and a tiny bit drunk. Then on Saturday, Robbie had a 5th birthday party to attend. We went to drop him off, but ended up staying for the whole thing, and Emma managed to wangle herself a place at the food table in her inimitable way. They had a great time as there were loads of games, and a huge party feast. Then we spend the afternoon out in the garden in the sun, and went for a short ride on our bikes. Robbie's cycling is definitely getting better since he got his new bike!

Then I even went to the cinema! We used to go twice a month or so before the kids arrived, and we haven't been now for about 18 months. Pete still hasn't in fact, but I went with friends to see Robin Hood, which was pretty good fun. It was great to have a night out anyway.

On Sunday, I finally managed to fit in a run! Last 'long' run before the marathon, so it was just 5.6 miles. I went just a little bit faster than marathon pace, averaging about 9.40 min/miles. Funny how I spent months building up to that distance when I started running, and now it feels like a short, easy jog.

Anyway, then it was off to the cinema again, this time to the kids' morning version. We took them both to see 'Cloudy with Meatballs' which was really funny. Emma had to leave for a little roll-round-on-the-floor-and-scream in the middle, so I missed a bit, but she calmed down after a while. At 2 years 4 months, this was her first trip to the cinema, and she's too young really, but as it was less than half usual price, it didn't matter so much.

After that we went out for lunch, and then to the swimming pool. Robbie is doing really well with swimming now, unlike me he is fearless, and happily throws himself in the pool, sits on the bottom, does backwards somersaults etc. Thank goodness neither of them have inherited my terror of going underwater - they have learnt from Pete, who is similarly unafraid. Freaks.

So it was a tirin
g but fun weekend, and I've remembered what Sundays are like when you don't have to fit in a 3 hour run! Next weekend I'll be busy on Saturday panicking, and on Sunday the small matter of 26.2 miles will occupy us all. Meanwhile, Emma is showing signs of wanting to follow in Mummy's footsteps (literally)...


  1. I went to see Robin Hood on the weekend too. Pretty good movie - but it'd have to be with all those Aussie stars. I'm counting down to hear your race report.

  2. Haha! Yeah, Russell Crowe was alright, but Cate Blanchett was brilliant - her accent was perfect, whereas his was difficult to place!

  3. Funny picture. Good luck! Get lots of rest this week and enjoy your marathon.

  4. Yeah, isn't it funny how one's idea of what constitutes a short easy run evolves after all that training? I have 10 k on the schedule for Sunday and it really sounds like a no-brainer at this point! Good luck with the taper and get your rest!