Sunday, 23 January 2011

A week in flu

Friday 14th: felt a bit sniffly, but managed a 9 mile bike ride. My first and so far only workout of 2011.

Saturday 15th: went to swimming pool with the kids, but felt too full of cold to get in, so watched from cafe. Spent the afternoon cuddling on the sofa watching Star Wars. Was heard to remark 'At least it's just a cold, and not flu like I had a couple of years ago. That was terrible!'

Sunday 16th: Got up, lay on sofa for about an hour, went back to bed. Stayed there all day. Decided it was, after all, flu.

Monday 17th: Dragged myself to school to drop off Robbie, got Emma to playgroup, then home for a doze on the sofa. Later I dozed on the sofa while kids watched endless Cbeebies (kids' channel).

Tuesday 18th: Called in sick to work. Took Robbie to school, and at 11.30am, took Emma to childminder. Went home. Lay down on bed for quick snooze at about 2pm, woke from deep sleep at 4.20pm.

Wednesday 19th: Much like Monday.

Thursday 20th: Felt a lot better. Went to work, which luckily involved me watching students' presentations rather than having to teach them anything.

Friday 21st: Morning much like Monday and Wednesday. Dragged myself and kids to shop in the afternoon to buy a present for 6 year old. Did not enjoy it.

Saturday 22nd: Woke up with searing headache all over left side of face and head. Went to work though - exam day. Invigilated in the morning, which was ok. After lunch did speaking exams. Only had 5, and found each one tougher than the last. Felt worse and worse, and eventually came home early, leaving someone else to mark writing exams. Terrible headache all evening.

Today: Slept in until about 11am. Spent most of day on sofa, dozing off again.

I am not usually one for daytime sleeping, in fact I struggle to sleep at night, so this has been an odd week. I just hope I feel better by next weekend...


  1. oh no! man, there is just some bad stuff going around :( hope you feel better soon.

  2. You poor thing. Having the flu is the pits! Keep drinking those fluids and rest up.

  3. Boy you sure did get the flu! Hope you're soon back to normal...

  4. Urgh, that sounds awful. Swine flu?

  5. yikes.. poor thing - hope you get better soon!