Thursday, 13 January 2011

Whatever it takes...

I had my 1,000,000,000th or so appointment with Ms Physio yesterday. Before going, I had decided that it was time to admit the truth - her treatment doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere, and it's perhaps time to investigate other options.

She reminded me that because of my curved spine, I am biomechanically freaky, and decided that as localised treatment on the foot has not worked, we should try some work on my back. Ms Physio thinks that my wonky posture and position of my pelvis is affecting my heel strike, and causing the heel pain. So she did some work on my lower back, and then put some tape on to keep it in position for a couple of days.

Tape to stop love-handles from wobbling

She's given me an exercise to do to engage my core, and apart from that, I'm not to do any exercise that involves twisting my torso. Hmph. This means no Jillian DVD, and obviously running is out, so if I want to get back in shape, I need to get my bike out again. I haven't cycled for a while, as we had piles of snow from the end of November onwards. Most of the remaining ice on the roads melted away today, so tomorrow, I must get out and start burning some calories. I've got half a stone of Christmas living to lose!

The other thing I'm not allowed to do is sit cross-legged, or with my legs bent up on the sofa, or with my feet tucked under me etc. Straight backed and upright, both feet on the floor! This is rather challenging. Just after Ms Physio told me this, I realised I was sitting looking at her with my legs crossed. Since then it's been a constant battle to sit comfortably.

But I keep reminding myself that I will do what it takes to be able to run again. If this doesn't work (and I'm sceptical of all potential solutions by now), it'll be the Podiatrist and maybe a steroid injection. Whatever it takes...


  1. Really hope you can resolve your problem before too much longer Liz. Three to four years ago I suffered nasty Plantar Fascitis that wouldn't respond to physio or pain killers. Eventually my doctor told me to brace myself while he gave me a very painful Cortisone injection. That, and 'Orthaheel' Regular (¾ length) heel inserts did the trick. I've had no problems since.

  2. Gosh, I feel bad for you - what a struggle! I hope that you figure it seems so unfair when all you want to do is just get some exercise, to have so many restrictions! I will keep you in mind next time I "don't feel like it" when there is no reason I can't do it. Hope the love handle tape helps!

  3. Man good luck with this. For quite awhile I didn't sit cross legged, cross my ankles, turn my foot when I drive or SLEEP ON MY STOMACH! That was the hardest. I am now doing all again except the crooked foot when I drive. These were all related to helping my piriformis. So hard to change that stuff but you can do it!
    (When I told my chiropractor I slept on my stomach you would have thought I was telling him I was an axe murderer from his reaction!)

  4. Hi, sorry about your health and hope you get back to running soon. I`m also a mother, teacher and runner and now your newest follower.
    Good luck, Marluce