Monday, 7 March 2011

The week in workouts

At last a week with some running in it. In my last post I planned to start running again with short distances, gradual build up and 1-2 runs per week. So last week I did my first running since 8th January (a sad little 1.7 miles). I started with 1.5 miles on Wednesday, and increased that to 1.8 miles on Saturday. So a weekly total of 3.2 miles!

There has been some pain in my foot, but I was still having that before trying to run anyway. What I'm most worried about is pain around the ankle or up to my lower calf. That's where the pain went after I first ran with Plantar Fasciitis last September, and what made me hobble and limp. I am getting some occasional aches there, but I'm hoping I can control it with rest, stretching and ice packs. We shall see.

In non-running news, I had 2 bike rides last week - a tired cycle in the sun on Monday, and a more energetic 11 miler yesterday. It was going to be just over 9 miles, so I thought I'd make it up to 10, then went further than I should have and ended up on 11. I was pretty achey afterwards.

I also went to the gym on Friday and set a new PB on the cross trainer - 5km in 20mins 45secs! Again, I was dreaming about being able to run at that speed. Apart from that, I've been using free weights a few times to try to tone up my arms, and doing the core exercises that Ms Physio left me with.

So it feels good to be running again, even though it's pretty limited at the moment. I just need to enjoy being out for a run, instead of being constantly obsessed with this image:

I am worrying about it too much!


  1. Take care of it. Don't run with pain. Are you doing lots of stretching? I think the problem is what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. Good luck.

  2. I know what you mean about the mental idea of having an injury interfering with enjoying the running - but just take it easy! It's time to find out just what amount of running you can do without feeling discomfort...

  3. I had Plantar Fascitis 3 years ago, so know exactly how you feel. Exercise did it no good at all. After two months of pain I agreed for my doctor to give me a Cortisone injection. The needle was inserted where the redness is on your diagram and wiggled around to spread the fluid in every direction. For the next week or so I took 600mg of Ibuprofen three times a day. Also, since then, I've worn Orthaheel 'Regular' ¾ length orthotics (from Boots) in ALL my shoes. I've had no problems since. Just my experience.

  4. I'm so glad youre up and running again!