Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What's the Weather like on Wednesday?

Welcome to an occasional series in which we discuss the weather on a Wednesday.

It was with shock and horror that I looked out at the garden this morning and saw this:

Yes, that is actual proper snow.

About 2 hours after I took that picture, though, it looked like this:

Glorious sunshine. We have also had strong winds all day, and later this afternoon, there was rain. Talk about 4 seasons in one day. Spring, I thought you wanted to stay. Will you please make up your mind whether you're coming or going.?


  1. Stupid, indecisive weather!

  2. Funny getting so much in one day.

  3. CRAZY spring weather! I hope the sun holds out.

  4. Oh no! The weather is truly mad this year. But... you made me think of that beautiful song by Crowded House :-) Going straight to Youtube to listen to it again, it's been ages...

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  6. Spring is ALWAYS fickle here in Colorado - altitude too high I guess. At least you have green grass, we won't for a couple more months!