Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A week away

We are back in Scotland after a great week visiting my parents in England. As far as I can tell, I managed not to put on a load of weight, despite treats and puddings such as chocolate fudge cake, strawberry flan and cream, caramel shortbread, apple crumble mmm....drool...

I went for 4 runs, but only ran a total distance of 12.1 miles. They were all short; a fast, flat 5K on Tuesday, 2.5 miles which included my fastest ever mile (see previous post) on Thursday, 3 tired slow miles on Friday, and my 'long run' of 3.5 miles on Sunday. Although they were all short runs, I felt that they were really good quality, and I ran fast and strong, (apart from Friday when I just felt completely knackered). I had a few late nights, as I kept staying up chatting, watching tv or reading. That was really nice.

Away from running, the kids spent a lot of time at the local play park;

did some cushion sewing in a craft event at the toy shop;

spent time with their baby cousin;

and met some famous characters at a summer fair.

Most of all though, they loved playing with Granny and Grandad, especially in the garden in sunny weather.

Life is very busy at the moment, so I'm not sure how much running I'll be fitting in this week - I think it's time to get back with old friend/foe Jillian and her DVD.


  1. Love the pictures of your kids and their cousin. Looks like you had a great time.

  2. Yum, England sounds delicious. I bet Granny and Grandad loved playing with the kids as much as they did.

  3. Good for you! I consider it a success just to get out for any length of run while on vacation. Glad you all had a good time!

  4. If I ate all that, I'd gain about 20 lbs. I do not do sugar well with my weight - blah!! Happy to hear you had a good time, hope you get some running in this week, too, but Jillian is a nice replacement sometimes :).

    BTW, you were tagged in my last post on my blog! :)