Thursday, 8 March 2012

February Rundown

January was such a solid month of training, it was hard to live up to. In February we had a week of school holidays, another day off for Robbie, 2 weekends of work for me and we were busy with family get togethers on the other weekends. All that considered, my training went pretty well!

Ran 16 times = 77.78m
Cycled 3 times = 29.18m

The low bike mileage was partly down to snow, and partly because I was just focusing on running in the build up to last weekend's race. The latter excuse also works for the complete lack of pilates - must do better. I didn't do any races in February although I would have really liked to, but this was due to being busy EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND!

My running mileage for February was only about 5 miles down on January, despite it being a shorter month. I certainly ran my longest weekly distances and longest runs for ages, and I've kept up 4 runs a week every week in 2012 so far. And it all helped me achieve my PB on Sunday!

With the start of March we've had some Spring-like weather, interspersed with cold winds and rain. The outbreaks of sun really make me want to get out there and run / bike, so roll on summer...


  1. Those are some solid numbers despite being busy! Hooray for spring-like weather. Cannot come soon enough! : )

  2. You definitely made good time for training despite being busy. What race is next on your schedule?

  3. You had a great February and your progress back to normal training is going very well. Keep it going! Summer is slowly going away here and soon I'll be running in winter gear.

  4. Cycling must be bitterly cold around your parts in winter. I don't blame you for having low numbers. Roll on Spring.