Thursday, 1 March 2012

Goals for Sunday

This weekend I'm running the Eastbourne Half Marathon. This is my first proper race of 2012, and my first Half since I hobbled round the Great North Run with the beginnings of heel trouble in September 2010.

At the start of this year, I decided that 2 of my goals for 2012 were to run a PB in a half marathon, and to run one in under 2 hours. With these aims in mind, I signed up for this race, and have been training for it for the last 8 weeks. The training has gone pretty well overall, but from my recent speeds, I think it's very unlikely indeed that I am in a position to run under 2 hours (9.09 min/miles). I know this is a realistic long-term goal though, as I was running that pace before the heel started playing up in 2010.

So for this race I'm definitely hoping to get a new PB. It currently stands at 2h10m, which was set in my first attempt at that distance, before I'd run a marathon, and on a hilly course in Glasgow. My aim on Sunday is to run under 2h05m, and the closer I get to 2 hours the better!

On a related note, the weather here has been mild, dry and calm with outbreaks of glorious sunshine for the last few weeks. The forecast for Sunday is heavy rain and wind. Bloody typical.


  1. Oh no for the weather forecast... :-( Hopefully it won't be as bad as they predict and you will be right on course for your goal! Good luck!

  2. Good luck with the race, hoping for a sub 2:05 for you!!! :)

  3. Fingers crossed the rain holds off - you're a star!!

  4. You've been running well so you can go into the race feeling positive. I'll be thinking of you when I'm eating my dinner on Sunday night - I think that's about the right time?

  5. Good luck on getting closer to 2 hours. That is a great goal! Have fun!

  6. Yikes, hope the weather works out for you!

    Good luck, sub-2:05 or bust!!