Monday, 11 October 2010

Baby baby baby!

Well I had an unhealthy but fab weekend in Essex meeting my new nephew! I ate fish and chips, sausage and mash, fried egg and chips, as well as loads of fudge, chocolate and cake. This was all my sister's fault. Tom just stuck with milk.

Me hanging out with Tom

Tom is a great baby, who is pretty content most of the time, and has been putting in some fantastic long sleeps - good work for a 3-week-old!

Happy on his playmat

The weather was very warm for October, and we had 2 beautiful sunny days. We managed a couple of short walks in between Tom's feeds.

Brightlingsea at High Tide

No doubt I've put on a pound or two, so I went for a 6mile cycle with Emma on the back of the bike this morning. Unsurprisingly my average speed was a lot slower than usual with that extra weight not helping get up the hills.

After our cycle

I really hope to be back running after my appointment with Ms Physio on Thursday. Meanwhile, it should be a week of cycling, healthy eating and plenty of sleep.

Never wake a sleeping baby...


  1. OMG cutest baby ever!!! Congrats :)

  2. Ohhhhh.. He is so cute. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  3. What an adorable baby - just love it when they are so small!