Saturday, 23 October 2010

A long cycle and a short run

This was that most scary of weeks - half term! With no school or playgroup to occupy the kids, I knew I'd struggle to fit in much exercise this week. However, on Tuesday they spent a few hours at the childminder's and I managed my longest bike ride yet - 17 miles!

Good old self-timer!

I planned a route that he
aded into Edinburgh, and down to the canal. Despite having lived in and around Edinburgh for 6 years now, I had never been to the canal before! Of course I got a bit lost and had to carry the bike down some unexpected steps, and ask a runner for directions, but I found it after about 5 miles.

The weather was overcast with a few spots of rain, and to be honest, some of the canal path was not particularly stu
nning. It was fantastic to be on such a flat path though! I'm so used to hills, this was a lot less effort. With the grey skies and overhanging trees, I pootled through the semi-darkness with no clear idea of where I was, when suddenly I came to this little aquaduct. I stopped to look at the view, and the sun came out. It was gorgeous! There was a river below and beautiful countryside all around.

I had a moment of pure enjoyment and took a minute to appreciate being surrounded by such amazing scenery. Ooh, it was lovely! Anyway, I ended up leaving the canal path a bit sooner than intended, and was lost for a while, but made it home in about 2 hours altogether.

Then on Thursday, I decided to try another run in the evening. I hadn't run since Saturday, when I'd felt a slight pain in my foot, but by Thursday it was feeling fine. This time I did 2 whole miles. I had so many little niggles: sciatic pain, ITB ache, wheeziness, general tiredness, a runny nose... but none of it bothered me because my foot felt fine!

Since then I have felt a little soreness
in the heel though, so I'm still being careful, but I'll try another run tomorrow, I think. Then next week, Robbie'll be at school, Emma at playgroup, and it should be a bit easier to fit in the running and/or cycling - depending on my foot of course...

Fun in the woods!


  1. How gorgeous! That bike ride is worth repeating with the scenery being so spectacular. Good news about the foot.

  2. I love the pics. Be careful with that heel!

  3. It's hard to get runs in when your kids are home from school! I just had them home for a week too. Good for you for getting your exercise in.

  4. Love your view of the river and the leaves on the trees beginning to turn. This is a wonderful time of year for running/cycling. Or racing!