Thursday, 16 February 2012

Half Term

So this week is half term holiday and although this does absolutely nothing for my training, we have been having fun. Pete took a few days off work too, and although we've done a lot of relaxing and catching up on sleep, we've had some days out too.

On Monday we went to the cinema, and saw the new Muppet movie. It was great, I really enjoyed the nostalgia factor, and the kids laughed a lot. The songs were really good, and as always, the Muppet band are the coolest.

On Tuesday we took a trip to Bodiam Castle. We'd never heard of it until Robbie went on a school trip last year, and he enjoyed it so much he wanted to go back. It's completely surrounded by a moat (which was still frozen from the cold weather when we went), and it's very picturesque.

They had an activity for the kids which was to find a lot of things hidden around the castle and draw pictures on a worksheet. They loved it, and they loved clambering up and down the narrow winding staircases.

Then on Wednesday we were a bit more lazy, but we did go out for a bike ride which was pretty good fun. It's so much nicer now the cold snap has ended and the temperatures are quite comfortable.

Today Pete was back at work, and we caught the train to go and meet him for lunch. The kids were really excited about going to his office and eating in his canteen. It was fun going on the train too.

We're planning to meet a friend tomorrow, then the schools are closed on Monday too, so we are not back to normal until Tuesday. Hopefully next week I'll get stuck in to some more running and cycling!


  1. Fun outings! That is such a beautiful castle. We visited many when we were there. I miss it! Enjoy your time off!

  2. That looks like a true castle - the type that I grew up looking at in picture books. I love the moat and the turrets. It reeks of an interesting past.

  3. I would love going to that castle. I would also like the muppet movie. Having kids to take to places like that is so fun. Enjoy!

  4. Your week reminds me of when my kids were those ages and had a school break! Now that they are big teenagers, they have their own plans for their week off, which is next week. Which will most likely include a lot of sleeping in late!