Thursday, 2 February 2012


Ok, so I'm perhaps the last blogger on the internet who will answer this charge, but here it is...

1. Post eleven random things about yourself;

i. I don't like bananas, ever since I was pregnant with Robbie, I can't stand the smell.
ii. I do like banoffee pie though, oddly.
iii. I've been a stay-at-home-Mum since we moved house in August, and I'm starting to like it.
iv. I have applied for some work writing English language exams though, and I'm going to a training session this weekend. I get a paid-for night in a hotel - whoop!
v. I got a Kindle for Christmas and paper books are getting harder to read now.
vi. I've got very low blood pressure. When I was pregnant and getting it checked, the midwife thought the machine was broken, it was so low.
vii. I've been wearing glasses since I was about 16, and contact lenses since my early 20s. Glasses are only a problem for me when I'm running in the rain, or when I walk into a warm place and they steam up.
viii. I failed my driving test 3 times.
ix. I got my licence when I was 19, but didn't own a car until I was 31.
x. I'm currently driving over 100 miles a week just getting kids to school, nursery and various clubs.
xi. Luckily, I quite like driving.

2. Answer the questions set for you:

Alma tagged me first;

What is your preferred method of re-fueling after a long run?
Chocolate milk and preferably, a bar of chocolate.
Do you keep a food diary?
Not now, I did when I was losing weight.
Do you typically run alone or with others?
Typically, alone, but I try to go with a group once a week.
If you could get paid to run, would you?
I suppose I would, but I'd be worried about getting injured if I had to train hard!
Desiree, Shalane, or Kara?
Who are they? Over here it's all about Paula!
What/where is your “dream” race, the race you would love to do over all others barring any limitations in resources or ability?
Maybe the New York marathon? Or one of those Disney ones? They look great! Barring all ability, an Ironman might be fun!
What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2011?
Getting back into running and not just giving up after months of injury.
Have you ever changed careers?
No! This shocks me! I've been involved in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) since graduating.
What podcasts (if any) do you listen to?
Alma you already know I listen to Marathon Talk! The others are mainly from British radio programmes.
If you had to pick, where would you go in 2012: Japan, Iceland, Mexico, or Spain?
Well I lived in Spain for 5 years, and Japan for 18 months, so I would have to say... Mexico! For the weather and the food...
How much longer do you think you’ll continue to blog?
As long as I have a few followers!

Then ajh;

What tv series do you recommend?
The Wire is still one of the best things I've seen. I love Modern Family too - funny, but full of heart.
What is a book you couldn't put down?
Recently, it was 'So much for all that' by Lionel Shriver.
Serious movies or chick flicks?

Definitely serious movies. I miss going to the cinema since we had the kids...
What is a race you would recommend hands down?
Strathaven 10k or Dechmont Law Trail Race - two small races in Scotland with a friendly atmosphere and homemade cakes at the end.
What grade did your favorite teacher ever teach?
Hard to say - I loved my English teacher and my music teacher when I was 16/17. I was the only pupil in music, so it's lucky we got on well!
If you could live anywhere where would you live?
Somewhere near here as we moved to be nearer our families. I'
d rather be in a huge house in a little village though!
What was one of the best days of your life aside from marriage and childbirth?

Easy - running the marathon!
What food could you never give up?
Even easier - chocolate in all its glorious forms...
What is a place you would NEVER want to live?
Any big city like London, Paris, new York. Great for a visit, but I'd hate to live there.
What famous person do you admire?
Stephen Fry has been my idol since I was a teenager (I wrote to him!), but I'm really admire Chrissie Wellington these days.

Now I'm supposed to tag some more people, but I can't think of anyone who hasn't been tagged who might still want to do it. If you read this and want to, let me know and I'll send you 11 questions!


  1. You're not dead last, I still haven't done my lists yet. I just find myself too boring for anyone to care - haha!

    Um, yeah, Paula ROCKS!! Love her!

  2. What is banoffi pie?
    I like Lionel Shriver. I will have to go look at that book.

    THanks for doing this. Enjoy your time as a stay at home mom.

  3. I'm a bit like Jill - a bit of a hold-out on doing a list. I'll do it if I can't think of anything else to post.

  4. Ha, I must still do my tagged post as well. I enjoy reading other's lists far more than making my own. Great to learn more about you and I always enjoy the few non-USA blogs I follow.