Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Things I learned last week

Last week I learned:

- that I hate running in snow. On Monday I attempted my long run, and there was a lot of fresh snow about. Where it was icy I had to slow down and tread carefully so as not to slip, and where it was deep snow, my feet got soaked, and it was totally exhausting. At one point I just wanted to sit down and cry, it was so hard! I managed 5 miles before giving up.

- how to get a bead out of a child's nose. Yes, Emma did that most cliched act of a small child and stuck a bead up her nose. While facing a 2-hour wait in A & E, a nurse told us that blowing into the child's mouth hard can help dislodge the 'foreign body'. I tried this several times (to Emma's horror) until eventually it slid out, covered in slime, before we'd so much as spotted a doctor. The sheer relief and joy I felt at the moment of the bead coming out of her nose was greater than any I can remember feeling before!

- about a new parent at school. After 5 1/2 months of attending his school down here, Robbie finally had a classmate round to play. It's not that he hasn't made friends, but rather that I haven't got to know any of the parents in the playground. They are an unchatty lot, no-one seems to talk to each other, which I find odd after the village school in Scotland where I knew every Mum of every child in Robbie's year (only about 20 kids!). Anyway, a new girl started, I spoke to her Mum, and they came round for a play last week. We had a great time.

- that I might just be capable of running this half marathon on 4th March. On Saturday, I finally succeeded in a real long run - 11 miles! Woo-hoo! It didn't kill me either. Although my legs are still recovering, I felt fairly strong after the run, and delighted to have got it done.

- that I ran my biggest weekly mileage since August 2010. Into the 20s at last, I totalled 22.45 miles, (plus an 8 mile icy bike ride). Pleased with that!


  1. Nice training! Of course you'll be able to run that half in March. Count on it.
    Ugh the bead. Been there done that, except it was a popcorn kernel. As soon as I got it out my daughter told me there was another one up there. Yikes!

  2. I never heard that trick to get a bead out of a nose - I'll have to remember it for when I am grandma one day, as my boys are now too big (hopefully!)
    ...and of course you'll be able to run your half! Glad you're feeling confident!

  3. I have heard about that blowing into a nose to dislodge an item in there but never heard of anything I know actually doing it - nowr did I ever have to do it. You deserve mom of the year for that! Good to hear you've met another family for your son to play with :).

  4. Don't you just lone the way kids feel compelled to stick stuff up their noses. I guess at lest a bead is a round peg for that round hole. My cousin chose a pea which has quite easy to dislodge. You just have to squash it a little then exhale forcefully.

    Great work on those runs. It's so good that it's all coming together well.

  5. Nice job on the 11 mile run. Love those confidence boosting workouts!

  6. Woohoo for the long run! I love the kid-related stuff. Extracting items from orifices is a great skill indeed. Strange that the parents don't visit with each other. I have a hard time NOT chatting people up when we're out on the playground!

  7. Cute kid, shame about the bead! Well done on getting in that long run, I'm sure you'll be OK for a ½ marathon in March. We have a 12 mile trail run March 10th and I haven't run more that 6 miles for ages. So it's me that should be worried!