Sunday, 13 June 2010

Little and often

On the one hand, it seems I've done quite well this week as I've managed to either run or cycle everyday except Saturday (rest day), and also squeezed in a bit of swimming, walking and stretches. Closer inspection of the facts however, reveals a less athletic story - my longest run was 6 miles; I did 3 runs of less than 3 miles; the bike ride lasted only 40 mins and I did more playing with the kids in the pool than actual swimming.

Still, at least I'm getting my body used to exercise. Next week I'm planning a long run of about 10 miles and shorter runs of no less than 3 miles. The issue as always, is time. My diary's pretty full over the next few days with playdates for Robbie, a nursery meeting, the car's MOT etc etc...

Anyway, I now have a new motivation boost in the form of a new running skirt! I'd never heard of such a thing, ignorantly and boringly dressing in shorts and long running tights, until I started blogging and saw runners wearing these cool outfits. As a reward to myself after the marathon, I finally bought one online and it arrived last week. With my new t-shirt, it's the most stylish I've ever looked while running (that's not saying much though). Ok, so it's perhaps a tad too short, and I'd like to tone up my thighs a bit, but it's not as if I'll be wearing it to work. Not until I get a suntan, anyway.



  1. It's definitely not too short. It looks great. But being a shorts/tights runner what I'd like to know is how does it feel when you run in it? Does it ride up at all?

  2. Cute! My mom swears by running skirts but I have yet to try one - I am also worried about the thing riding up on me! I tend to wear capri length tights. But I do think that knowing you look cute when you go out to run definitely puts an extra spring in your step!

  3. Running, swimming, cycling - sounds like you've got a triathlon coming up! Regardless, I'm sure the cross training will have done your running muscles a power of good.
    Like the new 'freedom' skirt!

  4. Thanks all. The skirt is great to run in as there are shorts attached underneath and it doesn't ride up at all.

  5. Playing in the pool is better than swimming. :)

    I've thought about getting one of those skirts too. I'm sure it would make me faster.