Thursday 10 January 2013

Current Concerns

So here we are at the start of a new year of running, and for many runners, the start of a training programme for a spring marathon. My marathon (Brighton) is on 14th April, which is now only 13 weeks away - a terrifying thought.

I booked a place in the marathon months ago, and hoped a long build up would see me start specific training with a great base mileage. Of course it hasn't worked out that neatly. Although I was consistently running 10 miles+ long runs all summer, I was stopped in my tracks in November by illness, injury and general tiredness.

I thought a few easier weeks would see me back to full fitness, but the pain in my leg has hung on, and I ran very little and ate very much in December. As a result, I seem to have lost a huge amount of fitness.

I've seen a physio, started doing targeted stretches, and the leg pain has got a lot better. It's not completely gone though, and meanwhile, I have been trying to build my long runs up again. After the Half Marathon in November, I hadn't run more than 4 miles as a long run. Last week I managed a 5-miler, which was extremely slow, and this week, I was relieved to get up to 7 miles.

However, I'm aware that I should be nearer 10 miles for my LSR at this stage, and with a much higher weekly mileage. So I am a little concerned. The pain in my leg, which recurrs after a few miles, is not slowing me down, it's just my general fitness holding me back.

April 14th does seem a long way away, but I know that marathon training should be underway by now. I'm hoping that my fitness will return over the next few weeks, and, obviously, that I won't have to deal with any more injuires.

On a happier note, Emma had her fifth birthday last week and we had a great weekend, involving a party, swimming, bike riding, and a trip to a local farm. This week has been back to school, and - AT LAST - the kids are in the same school, after Robbie being on the waiting list for 15 months. This means we can walk there and back everyday, it saves me time, and has made my life about a billion times easier. It also means more time for serious training - bring it on!

Happy cyclists!


  1. Glad things are easier for you. Extra time is always a blessing. Good luck with your marathon training. I think things will be fine.

  2. Training over the Christmas/New Year period is hard enough without having to worry about injuries and illness. But even though you've had a slow start it's good that you're getting the injury under control before really pushing it. That's be inviting disaster.

    Happy Birthday to Emma. And happy days for you with them both at the same place at the same time.

  3. It's just plain difficult to train through the holidays. Too much business & stinky weather. I hope you can build up your long runs in time, maybe just continue to take it slow and re-evaluate in another 6 weeks? Perhaps you can back-fill with swimming & biking?

  4. So pleased that you've finally got them at the same school, what a relief :) Happy birthday, Emma!

  5. I hope you get the leg sorted out soon. I do think you have enough time with the base you have so just keep training. We also have the kids back at school this week...and unfortunately that means I'm back at work as well. Happy training Liz!

  6. Liz,
    It's hard to train when you're not a 100%. I know a looming marathon due date doesn't help when you're dealing with an injury, but...there IS always next year and there is ALWAYS another marathon around the corner. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that so you can say it out loud. Yes, it would suck if you had to pull out. You know you're body and you don't want to stop running.
    An alternative to running, if you have access to one, is an elipitcal. This machine will help with keeping your endurance. Listen to your body. Stay healthy.