Thursday 22 July 2010

Gettng there...

Finally I think I am regaining some fitness and ability to run!

After my last post, I tried a run on Sunday - it's about 4.5 miles to the swimming pool so I ran there to meet Pete and the kids for a swim (they took the car, of course). I ran pretty slowly (it was actually hot and humid for once), and I felt terrible. When I stopped, it felt as though I had run closer to 14 miles. This left me wondering whether I could ever run to my previous ability again, let alone go for a PB in a half marathon in 9 weeks or so.

Anyway, due to Pete being away, I didn't manage to run again until last night, which was Jog Scotland night. Just like last Wednesday, it was pouring with rain. This time, instead of a straight run, we were to do a hills session, with a couple of miles there and back.

I started at the back with the pregnant runner again, but this time I managed to increase my pace to a good speed after a couple of miles. I did the hills and jogged home, which was about 6 miles altogether, with an overall pace of around 9.30 min/miles. Not mind-blowing, but better than the last few weeks, and it felt quite fast considering the heavy rain, the hills, and the slow start (and also the fact that I forgot to turn off the Garmin for about 5 mins after I'd stopped...)

So thank goodness for that. Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon!

Soaked. Again.


  1. Good news. Good on you for running in that rain - I planned to run but didn't.

  2. You must never have water restrictions over there. You get so much rain! Good to hear you're on your way back.