Monday 29 November 2010

Snow Excuses

With the arrival of Pete's parents on Thursday came a few days off of exercising (well I wasn't going to star jump around the living room while they read the paper), and a weekend of pre-Christmas indulgence. This included a huge tin of chocolate biscuits (Cadbury's, no less); bottles of wine with dinner; hot chocolate in the local cafe, etc... the list goes on. After they'd gone, I also had a lunch out with the school Mums, which involved more wine and also, profiteroles.

This early festive naughtiness was capped off yesterday with our first snow of this winter, which put a stop to the vague plans I had to get out on my bike. It also left us unable to get to the supermarket before lunch, so we had to raid the freezer for sausages and frozen chips.

In front of our house

More snow is forecast for the next few days, so I won't be getting out much, but yes, I have to concede that this is no excuse for not doing my DVD. I can't let Jillian down any longer. Meanwhile, although inconvenient, the snow is quite pretty.

I love a snow-covered tree


  1. Not great for running, but very beautiful!

  2. I'm now snowed in :-( couldn't get to work today - might have to try running to the office tomorrow - only 12 miles - but it's knee deep here!

  3. I love seeing all these pictures of the snow. It makes everything look so pristinely beautiful

  4. Beautiful pics but it does make the biking a little tricky. That is when the gym comes in handy during the week for me. On the weekends when it is light I don't care.

  5. Beautiful pics but brrrrr! Wondering when we'll get some snow...

  6. that's about what it looks like here today - bah! I guess I will need to do a home workout today not even thinking about running or driving in this if I don't have to.