Thursday 2 December 2010

Snow joke...

Well, what a week it's been! The snow that arrived on Saturday was just a tiny taster of what was coming, and it has snowed every day since. We have been well and truly stuck for the last couple of days, with the car buried under a blanket of white. Robbie's school, Emma's playgroup and my college have all been closed all week, while Pete managed one hellish day of commuting. I have never seen snow like this.

Our 'road'

We are totally unprepared for such large amounts of snow. The kids don't have waterproof trousers or snowsuits, and neither do I, and we really wish we'd bought a sledge before they all sold out! It's crazy here.

Sunset this afternoon

We managed a walk to the local shop on Monday, but it was so cold, and it took so long that I told Pete to turn round and take the kids home before we got there, while I went on. On Tuesday we managed to post a letter (just) and on Wednesday, we stayed in all day.

The cycle path

Today we set off for the local shop again, in need of food supplies, but we met our neighbours on the way, and they told us that the shops are out of bread and milk, as the lorries have not been able to deliver. So we had a little stroll in the snow and came back.

Our village

Tomorrow we'll all be staying at home again, and then I'm hoping there'll be a little thawing over the weekend. It is forecast to stay very cold though. Meanwhile, I rescheduled today's physio appointment for next week, and I've been doing Level 2 of Jillian every day. In fact yesterday, I did that as well as 20 mins of Davina's Cardio-box! Must have been cabin fever...

An 'arty' shot!


  1. The snow has sent everything mad hasn't it!

  2. Looks like the snow we got around here. :)

  3. Pretty pics. We are used to snow like that but we have none! At least not yet. Good luck getting some food supplies!

  4. We've been hearing all about your British weather and how it's the coldest Winter you've had on record. It's amazing to see it on a personal level.

  5. It's just the same in Yorkshire with temperatures plummetting to -19ÂșC, the coldest on record. My old legs are none too keen on running in all the snow we've had but, with one more race before the year end, must keep plodding.
    Like your pictures, particularly that 'Arty shot'.
    Stick at it!