Monday, 13 December 2010

A small thaw

Due to my useless hurty foot's refusal to heal, it's been about 3 months since I went running with my JogScotland group. On Saturday night, it was our annual Christmas dinner, so I tottered down the road on the icy pavements to the restaurant to see everyone.

It was a really good evening, with friendly company, delicious food, plenty of wine, and our group awards. Each year, the group leader makes a short speech reviewing what has been achieved during the year - mainly involving races - and she gives out awards to those who have done something special, e.g. most improved runner, most dedicated runner, most spectacular fall etc. This was my second appearance at their Christmas dinner, and last year, I was a newbie to the group, and sat wondering what I might achieve in 2010.

However, the round-up of running was rather depressing for me this year. The high point was when we got to May and the Edinburgh marathon was mentioned: I got a round of applause from the group for my first marathon, which was sweet. But as we went over the rest of the year, there was a list of races which I had entered but not run; run last year and wanted to do again; or just planned to run for the first time.

It made me realise that the last few months of this year have been a total write-off as far as running is concerned. I'm glad I did the marathon, but I wonder if all those extra miles were responsible for the various injuries I've had. I was running really well in July and August, right up until I got the pain in my heel which I haven't recovered from yet.

Anyway, the snow and ice of the last few weeks has meant that I probably wouldn't have been running much even if I'd been fit. At the end of last week, we finally saw a rise in temperatures, and a lot of the snow melted away - hooray! Since then though, it's been freezing - literally - and the roads are very icy, and the rest of the snow is hanging around like a bad smell. We are forecast more cold weather, and more snow at the end of this week - nooooooooo! I hope the weathermen are wrong!

Icicles on our roof which have gone at last!


  1. hope 2011 is better for you!

  2. Lovely photos. Stay psoitive and I hope your foot is better some running in 2011 x

  3. Oh, I hear you. Sept. Oct. and half of Nov. had no running for me. I am so glad to be running now! Who are you seeing for your heel? I tried 3 types of medical people.

  4. Looks nice enough to run; get that foot better!

  5. You will heal and you will run again and these last few months will one day be just a blip on your radar. And I hope your weatherman is totally wrong too.

  6. Love the pics - just done my own round up of the year over at:
    Not nearly as enegetic as yours though.
    Best wishes for the festive season and wishing you a 2011 with pain free feet, knees etc. . .