Wednesday 4 May 2011

Spring is sprung!

Well the weather here for the last few days has been absolutely glorious. I'm quite capable of getting out and pounding the streets when they're covered in snow, or going for a cycle in the wind and pouring rain (albeit reluctantly), but I just find it soooo much nicer to go out in warm temperatures and sunshine. I'm the sort of person who is always too cold and never too hot, so running on a hot day doesn't usually bother me. (I say 'usually', because of last year's heatwave on 23rd May, which added about 30 mins to my marathon time, or so I claim).

It only seems a few short weeks ago that our village looked like this:

That was all very pretty, but rather impractical, and after a few weeks it just got boring. Thank goodness for spring, when we can enjoy even more beautiful scenery which I'll never get tired of, such as colourful fields of blooming rapeseed;

big blue cloudless skies;

we can dig out our sun hats and summer dresses;

and play around in the cherry blossoms.

Ok so the weather forecast is currently saying that we're going to have heavy rain and hail for the next 4 days running, but hey, that could be wrong! At least it should stay warmer, and hopefully the sun will be back out again soon to join me on some gorgeous spring runs and bike rides!


  1. Enjoy that glorious weather while it lasts!

  2. I hope your weather forecasters are totally wrong and the fine weather continues.

  3. We are in the 4 days of rain but hopefully the sun will come back soon. Enjoy yours!

  4. Beeeeaaautiful!!!!! I hope it lasts!

  5. I agree with you - much more fun to run in good weather! glad you are finally getting some!

  6. Spring is great! We are moving into winter here in South Africa now but our winter is mild compared to yours. Johannesburg has lovely winter weather with open sunny skies nearly every day. Have a good weekend!

  7. I love your photos. Its super sunny in East London/Essex right now. Cross fingers it doesn't rain for too long where you are :)