Monday 30 January 2012

1-10 of last week

1 race completed last week, 1st race completed in 2012, 1st ever Eastbourne Parkrun and I came 1st! No of course I didn't, in fact I was 56 out of 120, and 15th of 49 females. I treated this more as a fun event than a serious race, and sure enough I didn't run particularly well. I felt pretty tired and finished with a time of 26.03 - about 90 secs slower than my PB.

2 early morning runs when I got up in the dark as everyone else slept. Hard work.

3 miles was the distance of each morning run.

4 times I ran last week, which means I have met my target of 4 runs each week for the whole of January! Woo-hoo!

5 kilometres was the distance of the Parkrun race on Saturday.

6 was the number of days I exercised last week. As well as running I cycled 10 miles on Friday, and did a Pilates DVD on Tuesday.

7 was the number of days that I did all my calf stretches and little exercises to keep my heels fit. I am trying really hard to keep that injury at bay...

8 is, er, approximately the number of biscuits I ate on Wednesday evening with a cup of tea.

9 stone 0 pounds is exactly what I weighed in on Sunday, despite the biscuits. I haven't stood on the scales for weeks and weeks, but my weight is the same as the last time. This seems to be my body's natural size, any slimmer and I would find it hard to maintain (and keep eating biscuits).

10 is the number of miles I ran on Monday on my longest LSR since the injury! It felt like a huge milestone. It was hard going though, and my average pace was 9m34s, which is some way off the speed I need to run a half marathon in under 2 hours. I think that goal may still be a few months off.

In addition, my total number of miles last week was 19.3 - up again! Next week is going to be very tricky to manage, with various obstacles to training, so the miles will have to drop, unfortunately. Possibly not a bad thing in terms of injury prevention, but not ideal for the half marathon I've been eyeing on 4th March!


  1. I like the numbers week, was really fun reading! Congratulations on the 10 miles, woohoo!

  2. You seem to beat me on most counts Liz but, ha-ha, for perhaps the first time this year I beat you on mileage.
    Park Runs are great fun, I'm hoping to do one next month. Crikey, that's nearly here!

  3. Isn't it great to have those number 2's done while the world is still sleeping? Yes, it's hard but there's something magic about being out there when the rest of the world is in bed. You can be Queen of the World (just don't say that to HRH Queen Elizabeth)

  4. I love this post. I may copy it some time if that's okay. Yeah for all your meaningful numbers and the race numbers look great!

  5. Creative post! And enjoy having a week with a little bit less mileage - sometimes I think that is a good thing to be forced to run a bit less for a week here and there, gives the body a break we might not have let it had otherwise!

  6. Great post! You are doing a great job with your training & injury prevention!