Monday, 23 January 2012

A tougher week

Things have been going so well since the start of January - I've been steadily increasing weekly mileage and long runs further than I've managed for about 15 months, so it was inevitable that there would be a wobble at some point. Last week I struggled a bit, but am still on track. Phew.

The bad
1. I finally got a proper cold. Despite having a snotty nose for the last 3 months, it was only this week that I got the sore throat, hacking cough and streaming nose that signify actual illness.

2. This forced me to take a rest day on Wednesday, when I would have rather been for a run, and I then missed a bike ride on Friday to fit in a substitute run.

3. This also made all the other runs tougher than they should have been, as I needed regular coughing and nose-wiping breaks.

4. I got a hangover! I don't drink to excess often these days, but on Friday night, Pete and I stayed up late chatting and playing cards like we used to do before we were parents. We also used to drink vodka and tonic about 10 years ago, and hence I woke up on Saturday morning with a banging headache and a reluctance to get out of bed. I felt ok after some breakfast and nurofen though.

5. The following night, our neighbours had a party. The music was pretty loud through the walls, and although Pete and the kids slept through it, I was kept awake until after 3am. Why oh why can't I be a deep sleeper?

(6. I got a little pain in my heel after my long run, but I don't want to talk about it.)

The good
1. I ran 8.1 miles on Monday, which was my longest run since the injury. I can't pretend it was fun, in fact it was bloody hard work, but it felt great when I'd finished.

2. I had another lovely bike ride on Tuesday. It was about 10.4 miles and quite hilly, but I really enjoyed finding a new route and exploring.

3. I ran 18.7m for the week, so mileage is still going up!

4. We had a great weekend involving kids' cinema, furniture shopping, lunch out, a visit to my brother-in-law's and a trip to the park with his family. It's great that the kids can see their cousin so easily now we moved down from Scotland.

Anyway I still ran my long run, ran 4 times, and kept increasing the mileage, so it all turned out ok in the end!


  1. Cold, sore throat, hacking cough, hangover, kept awake by neighbours - but still managed to run more than me. I give up!
    I get that problem with music banging through the walls too. It's not much fun.
    Have another good week.

  2. Good for you for staying up late like old times! Hard when the consequences are tougher now than back then. I hope you feel good & have no nagging aches in those feet this week.

  3. Glad there was a lot of good with the bad. I miss kids cinema since I don't have little kids. Hope you saw something fun. Thanks for the nice words about my swimming. I am going swimming tomorrow morning and looking forward to it.

  4. You were lucky - a cold, a hangover and a party on a night when you desperately need sleep. At least your running went well.

  5. Glad the move is working out well for you - and I hope the cold clears up soon. C x

  6. I think all in all the good outweighs the bad by far. Keep it going!

  7. I'm happy to read the good after all the bad occurred! Great running week, keep being strong girl!!