Monday 27 August 2012

A bit more running

Well I'm really not keeping up with the blogging these days. But we are approaching the end of the summer holidays, so I want to make the most of time with the children before Robbie goes back, and Emma starts school. Last week we seemed to be quite busy, and there was a lot of meeting up with friends.

I have been struggling to get enough runs in. 'Enough' in this case is the amount which makes me feel fit and strong. If my mileage is too low - as it has been this month at times - I start to feel fidgety, and inevitably, grumpy. Obviously it's always harder to fit in a workout when there are 2 children home all the time and no childcare.

But I've found it harder than usual because Pete has started stealing my early morning running time to go swimming! A few weeks ago, he began a schedule of driving to the local pool at 6.30am, swimming for  30-40 minutes and coming home, before going off to work. He's been doing this 3 mornings a week, which leaves me with only 2 mornings to get my early runs in.

I'm not really complaining about this, as I'm really pleased for Pete that he's found a way of fitting in exercise that he really enjoys. This combined with school holidays though, has made it hard to run 4 times a week and get some longer runs in, especially as we've had a few busy weekends too.

Anyway, last week I did a bit better! I ran early on Tuesday morning (4.6m), then Pete was home early enough for me to run the following 2 evenings. I did another lovely longer run in the evening sunshine on Wednesday (7.5m), and some fast intervals on Thurs (4.7m). Then on Saturday, I went for a little jog in the morning (3.5m), all of which added up to 20.3 miles - my biggest week of this month.

I felt much better than the second week of August, when I only did about 11 miles. I've found that I really need those runs for my sanity, as well as my fitness.

I've also been doing the 30-day shred DVD, and after about 7 sessions, my arms feel a little more muscly, and I almost thought I spotted an 'ab' the other day! This may just be in my head of course...

Away from running, it was Pete's birthday last week. The kids and I got the train to his workplace to meet for lunch, and we went to a really nice pub/restaurant. I had an amazing chocolate torte with mango sorbet for dessert - it was one of the best puddings I've ever eaten... We also had a little tea party in the evening, involving homemade cake and sparklers.
Ooooo! Aaaaah!
The kids have been doing a lot of dressing up - basically every day at the moment. We have a limited supply of outfits, but they are being very creative and fair - taking it in turns to be the princess... Spot the difference:

Snow White and Ben Ten
Ben Ten and Cinderella
The weather has been ok too, and we've had many a trip to the park, usually with friends. I hope we get an Indian summer as we did last year, I'm not ready to give up the sunshine and warm temperatures yet!

Happy Days!


  1. It's good to have photos of your son dressed in such a beautiful gown. That will be worth its weight in gold when he gets older and you need something to blackmail him with. It will also work well on his 21st birthday.

  2. I don't know who Big 10 is but those are great pictures. You will be able to do some major blackmailing with it in the future. High school yearbook pic?

  3. That is adorable w/ the costumes. Hopefully your schedule will work out to get some nice runs in as fall approaches. Such a nice time to be out.

  4. Love the pictures! Reminds me of the long summers when my kids were that age and I hardly had a moment to myself... Now they are a lot more independent, but still, I'll be relieved when school starts on Monday and we can get back into a routine...

  5. Ehhh, blogging and I are way behind also. Time is so crazy busy. Glad you're getting in some running though, I know that makes you feel so much better. It will calm down here soon, right? Right! Love the pics of the kids dressing up :).

  6. Sounds like you and Pete need to have a little talk. What's he thinking robbing you of your morning runs?1

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