Friday 17 August 2012

Random thoughts

1. I'm not spending much time on blogging. Although the Olympics has sadly ended (boo-hoo!), it's still the summer holidays here, and we are busy filling the days before the kids go back to school. The weather has taked a turn for the hot and sunny, so I'm not spending too much time at the computer.

2. I'm not doing enough running. Last week we had to fit in a couple of trips to the Olympics, which trumped going for a run, and because of the holidays and complete lack of childcare, this week hasn't been much better. However, on Wednesday, Pete came home early, and I went for an evening run. It was FABULOUS! It was my first run over 4 miles in a couple of weeks, and I ended up doing 7 miles. It was utterly exhilerating, and I got so excited that I ran the last mile in 7m59s! Absence makes the heart fonder where running is concerned...

3. I had a much more frustrating run on Thursday. The kids got on their bikes and they cycled (I walked) to a park. I had to keep helping Emma, as she's only getting used to a proper bike. Then they played on the skate park while I ran circles round the park. This was fine for a while, but my run was punctuated with cries such as 'Mum, I scraped my elbow', 'Mum, I need the toilet', 'Mum, I want to go over there', 'Mum, I hurt my foot'...etc, etc. I was constantly stopping and pausing my Garmin, but we did have a few little races together, which was fun, and I felt better for getting some running done.

Not the best treadmill, but fun!
4. I've been back on the Jillian Michaels DVD again. Last time I did the 30-day shred was December 2010, when I was injured and we were snowed in, so there weren't many options. I thought it could help me feel like I'm keeping fit while I'm not running enough...

5. I can't believe there's only 3 weeks until Robbie goes back to school, and Emma starts school shortly afterwards. In some ways I'm looking forward to getting my freedom back, but in others I am dreading it. I'll really miss them, and it will be strange seeing Emma in her uniform for the first time, getting all grown-up! Until then, we have lots of fun stuff to do...


  1. Good job on getting in the running you could. Ohhh, your baby goes to school. That is a tough one.

  2. Very sweet - my little guy starts school (preschool) for the first time next month. I can't believe how fast he's growing up. He's still my baby though!

  3. You make me so glad that my kids are grown up. They never interrupt me on a run any more. Your 7 mile run sounds wonderful - the kind of run that keeps us comping back for more.

  4. I can totally relate to this - I used to run loops around the park while my kids played in the playground and it made me nervous the whole time! It does get better as they get older and are happier staying at home while you sneak out for your run...

  5. I love the fact that when you started out as a runner you could barely last 2 minutes. I can so relate. And then to read you eventually ran a marathon is heartening!

    I've been a runner for about 10 years now, and my 5 kids are home too right now. During Summer Vacation I've been getting my runs in by running early in the morning. I need my runs, especially during Summer Vacation...