Monday 31 December 2012

Recent Running (or lack of it)

There's been so much going on this month that I haven't been spending much time with blogger. This is a good thing of course, but I feel as though I have some catching up to do now. However, I haven't actually done much running or other exercise to blog about this month.

A frosty run!
 At the end of November I had an injury in my left leg which made my shin ache during and after running. After taking a week or so off from running it wasn't getting any better, so I went to see a physio, and she informed me that the muscles in that leg are incredibly tight and lacking flexibility. So since then, I've been doing the stretches she gave me 2 or 3 times a day. They definitely helped and now the pain has almost gone.

While I was getting that sorted out, things got very busy with the children doing various activities at school and getting ready for Christmas, and I found it very difficult to find time for running. Then we were away for a week, including my birthday trip to San Francisco! I did a lot of walking there, but no running. Well, no proper running, but Pete did persuade me to run up and down for a few metres at one point, just so that I can say I have run on the Golden Gate Bridge! (turn your head to the side...)

After getting back home I continued to see the physio, and she gave me permission to run, but only 3 miles at a time. So that's what I've been doing. I did 3 slow-due-to-lost-fitness runs before Christmas which were hard work.

We had a lovely Christmas Day at home, just the four of us. The kids opened their stocking presents, we went for a walk and then opened the rest of the presents. We had roast chicken for lunch, then kept eating all evening in front of the tv, before Pete and I played our traditional board game, which he traditionally won.

Christmas jumpers!
On Boxing Day we travelled to my sister's house to stay for a few days. I had 2 lovely runs along the river there which were really enjoyable in spite of the ground being wet and very muddy in places, as it continued to rain often.

We came home yesterday, and I ran a 4-miler - my lonngest run for a few weeks! The physio wants me to build things up gradually, but I'm itching to be able to run further. Anyway, It's great to be back home now after a month in which we've only spent just over half of the nights in our own beds!

Having signed up for a marathon in April, I really should be beginning a training plan right now, but it'll have to wait until I get the all clear from the physio. After a year of excellent running, I'm hoping that this little period of injury and rest is nearly over.

Ran: 9x = 30m
Cycled: 0
0 Races

Er... 1x 40th birthday, and 1x trip to San Francisco!


  1. You've had a great year, Liz! I wish you all the best for 2013!

  2. Lovely trip to San Francisco. Your Christmas day sounds perfect.

  3. I love your Christmas sweaters. One of my other bloggy friends was looking for some just like this but being in Australia it was a hopeless cause. I think she'll have to do the on-line shopping thing this year.

    I hope you and your family have a really happy 2013. And I hope it dries up over there soon.

  4. Funny how sometimes we fight ourselves just to get outside & train. So when an injury occurs, we can't wait to get back to the miles. Hope y'all had a beautiful Christmas and stayed healthy. Keep healing. You'll be back on track soon.

  5. Happy new year! So good to hear you are pain free which marathon are you planning to run in April? I hope 2013 will be only healthier and a lots of PR :)

  6. Glad to hear you're almost pain-free. Also, Happy Birthday! San Francisco is on my list that I have to get to!
    Happy New YEar!!

  7. I'm glad your running is coming along. We both have April marathons! I am cautiously optimistic for now.