Tuesday 4 December 2012

November Rundown

November was the month where a long period of consistent, injury-free running came to an end. After some good long runs culminated in the 10-mile Great South Run in October, I then had a couple of weeks of feeble running. They were followed by the Poppy Half Marathon on 11th November.

It was a lovely race on a beautiful day, but I crashed and burned at 7 miles, and staggered my way through the rest of the race. I didn't mind too much though, as I still enjoyed most of it, and wasn't looking for a PB.
Kids' race at Poppy Half
Since that race though, I've struggled to do much running at all. I've been supplementing the running with swimming and cycling (although I haven't done much of those either), and I haven't run further than 4 miles at a time.

I thought that a week off of running might help me recover, but I'm not seeing much improvement! My recent 3-milers have been very slow, my legs have felt tired and achey, and I've been battling a pain in my lower left leg.

However, I'm not too bothered about my sad-looking stats for November, as it's one month of recovery after 10 months of great running.

Ran: 7x = 34.5 miles
Cycled: 6x = 59.3 miles
1 Race (Poppy Half Marathon)
Swam: 3x = 0.8 miles!!!

Clearly this was my lowest running mileage month this year. I think I needed a break. But it's been great to spend time learning to swim and improving my ability to go underwater! 

I don't think December's going to see my mileage increase much. I'm really not feeling 100% and I need to get this leg pain sorted out. I've also got some very busy weeks ahead involving work, family visits and a trip away, so I just can't see how I'm going to fit in much running or cycling or swimming! I just hope I don't lose too much fitness and am ready to start marathon training in a few weeks...


  1. As frustrating as it is, you're doing the right thing getting your body sorted out. In the long run you're better off having a little extra time off early than lots of time off when you try to push through. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. I missed a few runs in November due to illness but I can feel now my legs are happy. I hope you get things sorted out with your leg soon. I'm planning a big running December and a huge 2013. I hope my body agrees.

  3. I'm struggling a bit too. I do run every day, but it just feels harder than usual. Maybe it's the time of the year?