Tuesday, 27 November 2012

No running!

Last week I didn't do a single run! That was the first time I'd gone a whole week without running since August 2011, when we moved house. (Thank goodness I keep accurate records so I could check this statistic).

It's not that I didn't feel like running, I did, but I've got this nagging pain in my left leg which has been there for a few weeks. I think it might be a nerve problem, as I had something similar at the end of 2009. However, as that was so long ago, I can't remember exactly how it felt, so I'm not sure. I could do with seeing a Physio, but it's soooo expensive, and I'm trying to be careful with money these days.

I find it hard mentally to accept not running. 2012 has been a great year, and recently I've got used to adding up my mileage each week, and taking pride in regular long runs. It's difficult to go from that to a week of 0 miles!

But I listened to an interview with Australian marathoner Michael Shelley the other day, and he was talking about taking weeks off after the Olympic marathon. Then I listened to Ultra-runner Marshall Ulrich say he didn't run at all for months after one of his enormous distances. So I know I haven't exactly run a 2h14m marathon or run across America like those guys, but I've run further and faster than ever before this year, and been lucky to avoid injury for most of it.

It seems that the time is right for a bit of rest and cross-training. Next year I'm hoping to improve on my marathon time in the Brighton Marathon in April, so I need to be fit and well at the end of December to start training. With that in mind, I didn't do much last week!

I did 2 bike rides of around 10 miles each, and one swim of 450 metres. And that was it! How lazy.

The weather has also been horrific, so there hasn't been a huge temptation to go for a run. We've had A LOT of rain, and there's been some flooding, which is not great for your trainers.

In irrelevant news, I took Robbie to a gym place the other day, where he's been wanting to go forever. It's only open on weekdays, so when he had a day off last week (INSET or teachers' training day), he couldn't wait to try it out. It was right up his street as he could bounce, swing and hang upside down to his heart's content. We'll definitely be going back.

And here's me making a fool of myself and doing a bit more cross-training:


  1. I hope that pain eases up soon! I definitely find it mentally hard to not be able to run(especially if I'm in a great groove..which is not right now lol). I kept running while injured, which was a horrific idea, so I hope you get better SOON!

  2. Down time is really important at the end of a big year. It gives your body a chance to really heal and recover before you start beating it up again. I hope you get a good quick result with the physio.

  3. Good luck with the injury. No fun! I love the picture of your son! And riding and swimming is not lazy. Look how casually you are talking about swimming these days. Go you!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your leg; maybe it's telling you that you need this time to rest so come marathon training soon, you'll be rearing to go injury-free! Rest is vital (just not as long as I did - ha) to heal the body.

    We've had no moisture here in Colorado in months!! Well, some snow about a month ago, just a couple inches, but then it was quickly gone and now it's just dry and blah. Sure doesn't feel like winter!

    Love the pictures :).

  5. Sometimes it really is a good thing to take some time off and let your body recuperate. That gym looks likes loads of fun!

  6. Time off is good but unplanned time off due to aches and pains is frustrating. I hope you get better soon. Detailed logs are great! I just posted about logs. I love my stats and refer to them often.

  7. I totally understand your feelings! Being injured sucks!! After I run my best marathon I was diagnosed with ITBS (tendon rubbing on the knee) I battled for 9 months with that injury!!! I was depressed....anyway better rest and make sure you are healed... you did a great 2012 and not it is the end so good to rest and attack 2013 in shape! Good luck!

  8. Whenever I get that nerve pain thing running down my leg (and it happens at least once a year) I go to the chiropractor and she fixes it up very quickly (one or two visits). It's usually something to do with my pelvis pressing on a nerve (at least I think that's what she says -- ha ha). Maybe that's all it is for you, too. Good luck recovering!!
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