Sunday, 10 March 2013

Long runs getting longer...

The last few weeks have not been exactly what I wanted in terms of long runs. 3 weeks ago I was on target with a 16-miler, but the following week a cold made me cut my long run to 10 miles, and last week was the Half Marathon race, which was my longest run that week.

On Thursday night I went to bed knowing I really had to get my 18-miler done the next morning, and every time I woke up in the night, I was consumed with dreams about running. I was feeling slightly obsessed.

On Friday, having taken the kids to school, I came home, got changed, filled a bottle with Powerade, put some jelly babies in a bum-bag, picked up my ipod and garmin and a cap (as it was raining), and got out there. This was my furthest run for 3 years.

It went ok. I'd planned a route which included some good scenery and the coast, and a few hills. The weather was not pleasant - it wasn't too windy, but I set off in drizzle and by the end of the run it was pouring. I gradually got soaked to the skin, and at about 17.5 miles, a lorry drove past me and did a classic splash in a puddle, spraying me all over with water. Although I was already as wet as it is possible to be, it felt like having a bucket of water tipped over me, and I shrieked with shock! It was such a relief to get home, to sit down and dry off.

I aimed for over 10 min miles, and for once it was easy to run at this speed. My first mile was 9.56, but after that they were all over 10 mins, averaging 10.18 min/mile pace. I felt shattered afterwards and struggled to do much with the rest of the day, but I've recovered pretty quickly, and had a nice 4 mile easy jog this morning.

So that makes my highest mileage week so far - 31 miles in total. Unfortunately there's no biking at the moment, as the brakes have gone on my bike and I need to get it fixed.

I did a couple of strength training sessions in the week too, and on Saturday morning, in no state to run yet, I volunteered at Parkrun. It was quite pleasant being a marshal, waving to runners I knew and chatting to passers by.

Today was Mother's Day in the UK, and after my run, I've had a rather relaxing day. Pete cooked a delicious lunch and the kids gave me cards, presents and flowers. I've spent a lot of the day reading the Sunday paper and my kindle, and eating chocolate. Perfect!


  1. That was a good solid run. I couldn't help but have a little chuckle at the picture of the lorry passing you by and leaving you in its wake. Sorry.

  2. Great work getting the long run in during bad weather. That counts for extra tough-mother-runner points! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Happy Mother's Day. Sounds like you did just what you wanted!

  4. Great job overcoming the circumstances and getting it done! Happy Mother's Day as well!

  5. I nominated you for an award!