Thursday 9 May 2013

April Rundown and Catching Up

Oh I just seem to be too busy these days. April finished ages ago, but I haven't counted up my numbers yet. It doesn't take long as a lot of it was post marathon recovery and heavy on the resting.

Ran - 10x = 60.6 miles
Cycled - 1x = 10.2 miles
1 Race - Brighton Marathon PB!!

Since the start of May, I haven't increased my running mileage much. It's almost a full month since the marathon, but my longest run so far has been just over 4 miles. I think it's about time I upped that a bit, but with no current goal, I'm enjoying lots of easy, scenic, fun runs. I need to start looking for new goals...

Away from running, I did have a great bike ride last week. I had been looking forward to it for a while, and last Thursday I finally had the time for a good long cycle. I headed towards the coast but took the long way round. It was a sunny day and quite warm, and the view by the sea was lovely.

I cycled along next to the beach towards the town centre.

Then I locked the bike up for a while and popped into a cafe with my kindle! I completely undid all my calorie-busting exercise with a huge slice of chocolate cake and a coffee. I shouldn't have indulged really, but it was too good to resist.

Then I got back on the bike and decided I ought to add a few miles on to counteract the chocolate. I took a different route home which went through a park and alongside a lake. 

My bike is such a poseur...

It ended up as 20 miles, which was more than I had planned. I really enjoyed having the time to take it easy and not have to rush.

Now the summer is here, I hope to fit in plenty more long bike rides while the kids are still at school (although I won't always treat myself to chocolate cake...)  


  1. That sounds like the perfect day! You're inspiring me to get on my own bike:)

    My Running Shortz

  2. I saw on the news the other day that England is finally having some good weather. In fact, one of your news reporters said that you were in the grip of a heat wave. I hate a heat wave so I was a little concerned until he told us what the temperature in London had reached - 21C. That's not even as warm as our days have been this week and I thought our weather was a little on the nippy side. In fact, I've pulled out my jeans and boots.

    I hope your 'heat wave' continues and you get many more rides like that one.

  3. It's amazing how the time is flying and we are well into May already. I like being busy though. Beautiful bike ride! Winter is slowly creeping up on us.

  4. I've been really wanting to do some longer bike rides with this nice weather but difficult w my belly. Glad you are getting out there and taking pictures to share the sights

  5. Looks like a perfect bike ride complete with chocolate cake and the kindle. Heaven. And the views!

  6. The scenery there is so different than arid Colorado where I live.

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  8. Gorgeous scenery! Biking is my 2nd love to running

  9. Congrats on the Brighton Marathon PB! I like to bike, too. What a great place for a long ride!