Thursday 16 May 2013

Minimal Running

Since Easter and the marathon, work has started to take up more of my time, and running has been relegated to less of a priority. This felt right and proper in the first couple of weeks after the marathon - I needed to recover - but recently I could really do with running more than I am.

I'm now teaching regularly 3 mornings a week, and by the time I've done various admin and the occasional meetings, by the time I get home it's usually time for school pick-up. I can fit runs in before work (but not if Pete's swimming or away), and sometimes after Pete gets home in the evening if it's not too late, but I don't have enough time or organisation then to fit in a long run.

I should be free on Thurs and Fri, so one of those is a bike ride, and the other should be a long run, but last Friday I was away on a work trip, this Friday I'm helping in the kids' school, next Friday I'm covering for another teacher - there always seems to be something.

And at the weekends we have recently been travelling a lot visiting various family and friends, and I try not to do long runs when we could be doing 'family stuff'. I've also been 'parkrunning'every Saturday, but that's only 5K.

It's not so much that I haven't got time to run, I just can't seem to find the time for long runs. Since the marathon - now almost 5 weeks ago - I still haven't run further than 4.3 miles! So I really need to get my backside into gear.

I am doing a bit of cross-training though. Last Monday it was our 3rd netball practice, and something amazing happened - I scored a goal!! I'd ended up as Goal Attack without really wanting that role, and I think it was my second attempt which actually went through the hoop. I was stunned! It was an incredibly windy evening, so all the shooters were really struggling with the stong winds blowing the ball off course, and it was definitely a fluke that mine went in. I should have stopped there, as my further attempts were nowhere near...

Anyway, it was good fun again, and definitely a different challenge for my muscles as I ached like hell afterwards.

And there's also the biking. I'm really enjoying it, as the weather, although pretty iffy in general, has been dry and sunny on my last few rides. Today I cycled to the coast again, then along it to the town centre.

I had to get something in the shops, and found myself wandering, sweaty, smelly and sportily-dressed, in a rather posh department store. I only felt a little self-concious as some smartly-dressed ladies of an older generation couldn't hide their concern at seeing me there. I did take my helmet off at least.

When I'd got what I needed in the shops, there was time for a coffee, cake and kindle moment. Bliss.


  1. Hi
    Well Same here after Boston marathon I am putting less long hours but the only thing that keeps me going is that I signed up for few races and then I have to find time to train. I will be running Berlin Marathon in the fall. What about you? any plan? It is ok to take it easy for a while! Enjoy.

  2. I love the thought of you wandering through the posh section covered in sweat and having a good case of 'helmet hair'. That's the sort of thing I'd do. I recently went out shopping for a bridesmaid dress and came out of the change room wearing a gorgeous dress and argyle socks. When the rest of the wedding party made me take the socks off they had to put up with the strapping tape that I always have on to stop my ITB playing up. I've promised to take it off for the wedding.

  3. Maybe it's just one of those times to take a break from running as the center activity? Biking is so lovely this time of year! Unless you have a race coming up?

  4. I sometimes stop in at the grocery store on my way home from the gym and also feel a bit self conscious...and hoping I'm not offending any of those little old ladies!

    At least you're still getting some activity in, even if you haven't been able to get any long runs. It is tough sometimes to schedule!

  5. As always I think your rides sound wonderful. Shopping, coffee, reading and ocean views! Wow. Congrats on the goal.