Friday, 7 June 2013

May Rundown and Sunny Running!

Summer has arrived at long last and I've had a great week of enjoying the sunshine, despite working for some of it. I managed to fit in a run before work on Tuesday, then went for a super-quick spin on my bike after work on Wednesday.

But on Thursday I had the pleasure of a day off, a sunny day and nothing to do except enjoy it. So I drove to the town of Seaford, about 9 miles away, and parked by the beach. From there, I headed up to the cliffs to attempt some trail running and see a different view of a place I love.

It was a pretty steep climb up though, and I found myself walking very soon after starting the ascent onto the cliffs. It was all very green as I got to a clifftop golf course and plodded slowly past it. There was a sheer drop to my right as I got to a high point and then started going downhill.

After going through this gate, the path went downhill to the most fantastic view of the chalk clifffs. It was amazing, flying down that slope towards that view with no-one else in sight.

Great fun to run down!
Love this view

I went on over the cliffs, stopping to snap photos and to work out where I was going. I came to a point where I was overlooking a beach that we went to last weekend, but I hadn't approached from this side before.

Then I headed back the way I'd come, but on a different path. The views were just lovely and the sunshine was glorious.


When I got back to the car, I'd only done 4 miles, although after all the hills it felt like more! So I jogged along the beach for a mile, and back again to make it up to 6 miles in total. It was nice and flat there!

I loved the bright colours of these beach huts:

Long may the good weather continue so I can get more runs like this...

As for May, my running mileage was still quite low following the marathon. I've been running very regularly, but my longest run in May was only 6 miles. I did a fair bit of cycling though, especially as the sun came out.

Ran - 16x = 65.6 miles
Cycled - 4x = 63.3 miles
3 Parkruns

I could really do with a race to motivate me, so I hope I'll find one that fits in with our busy weekends in June. I need a goal!


  1. Why would you want to run anywhere else?! That's just gorgeous.

  2. Oh my. It is so gorgeous where you live. Keep posting pictures!

  3. Hello Liz I've been away too long - I'm a runner mum now too, hope to restart the blog soon