Friday 14 June 2013

The Headlines This Week

Here is the news this week...

On Monday I went to netball. I'd missed a few weeks due to it being cancelled for rain and a holiday, and then I missed one. This week it was good fun, but there were 18 of us there, and we ended up playing with 4 on each team. Not enough! It was extremely funny to intercept the ball, turn round and not see anyone to throw it to as there simply weren't enough players. At times we couldn't continue for laughing.

Unfortunately though, about half way through, I hurt my finger when the ball hit the end of it. It was quite painful, and although I carried on playing, I could only really try to catch the ball with one hand, which proved unsuccessful overall. Luckily everyone there is very relaxed about skill levels. As I was Centre, I asked if anyone wanted to swap with me and I said 'I can't catch', and about 3 people replied 'don't worry, neither can I'.

 Normal size ring finger

Swollen ring finger (wedding ring stuck!)
My finger was very swollen when I left, and I put an ice-pack on it later to calm down the throbbing, and it's a lot better now.

On Tuesday I wasn't working, and I finally managed a decent long run - my first since the marathon many weeks ago. I ran 8 miles which was quite enjoyable, despite the drizzle that soaked me on the way home.

I've been really tired this week, and my students have been preparing for an exam, which has provided me with lots of extra work, while I've also been covering for another teacher. So yesterday and this morning I got up early (dragging myself away from the pillow) to fit in a couple of runs. Both times I felt much better for it, if knackered by the evening. And at some point this morning, I tipped my year's mileage over the 500 miles mark.

One of my goals this year is to run 1,000 miles, and as I have no plans to train for another marathon, I'm not sure I'll make it in the second half of the year. For now though, I'm still on track!

And that concludes this week's news.


  1. Good luck with hitting 1000. I used to do a lot more miles but with all the biking and swimming it doesn't happen. Biking 1000 is much easier! Hope your finger is better.

  2. What's netball? Is that the same as volleyball?
    Sorry about your finger ... I broke and dislocated mine as a kid catching a ball the wrong way so I totally feel your pain!
    I did two early morning runs this week before work and it was great for my energy, too!
    Congrats on the 500:)

  3. Sounds like you're having a hard week! Hopefully you'll feel better soon. At least you're still on track with the 1000 miles thing!

  4. Yep, that finger was definitely swollen. Must have really hurt! But worst of all is that feeling of not being able to get your ring off. I hate that!

  5. Hahaha one moment you're dragging yourself out to run and the next you're planning on 1k miles!Today is your day!