Thursday 17 October 2013

No running but still busy

It's been almost 3 weeks since I hurt my ankle and 3 weeks since I last ran. For 2 weeks I didn't do any exercise at all.

Although this meant I missed 2 weeks of parkrun, I did take the kids along to marshal one Saturday, and the following week, Pete ran round with Robbie!

Ready to direct runners

It was Pete's first ever parkrun, but of course Robbie's 11th, so he was able to show his Dad the way! Emma and I spectated and cheered people on, and did a little bit of pointing the way as a few new runners almost got lost by the play park where we were hanging out.

Happy runners
They finished in just over 33 minutes, with Robbie doing his usual sprint to the line to finish ahead of a parent!

Sprint to the finish

This was the 3rd race (after the 10K I should have run in) that I had spectated at while not being able to run - I've pretty much had enough of that now!

Last Saturday, after parkrun I was working in the afternoon, so I decided to cycle to work. I hadn't been on my bike as I thought it might affect the ankle, but I was fed up with doing nothing, and it was a lot better than before.

So I biked 10 miles, and it was a bit sore afterwards.

On Sunday we all went swimming, and while the kids were practising their dives with Pete (bellyflop for Emma and legs-akimbo for Robbie), I swam a few lengths. I don;t think swimming caused any harm to my ankle at least.

Last Tuesday I had enough time to squeeze in a workout, so I did another bike ride. It was a beautiful autumn day and I had a sunny ride along the cycle path.

It was one of those bike rides when I stopped off for a coffee, a read of my kindle and a pastry. In fact I must be putting on weight as I haven't cut down on my eating at all while I've been languishing on the injury list.

I haven't tried running yet, but my ankle feels almost back to normal - there's just a niggling pain when I've been on my feet all day. So I'm planning to run parkrun this Saturday. I'll jog round with Robbie so I won't be pushing it. Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon!


  1. I love the bike pictures - probably not surprising. When my ankle hurt the doctor said swimming would be good for it. When it hurt when I swam I knew I had been doing too much.

  2. I'm glad to hear that your ankle's starting to feel better. But I'll be even gladder (that's the superlative of glad isn't it?) to hear that you're running on it without any problems.

  3. At least the biking can help with sanity. I hope you are back running soon.