Tuesday, 5 November 2013


It's been a while since my last post for a number of reasons...

Firstly, I was lacking in enthusiasm brought about by my ankle injury and not being able to run. I was feeling a bit blah...

Secondly, last week was half term here, and with the kids off school for a week, we went on holiday for a few days, staying away from home.

Thirdly, when we got back, out internet connection wasn't working, so I was without access to the internet for a few days - nightmare!

So here are some things I've been getting up to since my last post;

1. My ankle is not entirely better, but I'm back running. Just short distances so far, with my longest run being 5 miles this morning. Yay!

2.  I've run 3 more parkruns with Robbie - he's now done 14!

3. October finished with me having run a spectacular 6.35 miles (2 parkruns). At least I also cycled 34 miles.

4. We had a lovely break in Buxton. It's a beautiful town in the Derbyshire countryside, and an extremely picturesque area.


Pavillion Gardens, Buxton
5. I spent 2 days being put up in a posh hotel in London for some teacher training. The food was great, the room was lovely and I met some really nice people.

6. I had a last-minute meet up with my sister (who works in London). We has a lovely dinner and a rare chance to chat without being interrupted by children!

7.  I went to the gym in the hotel and had fun playing on the treadmill, bike and cross-trainer. This was a gentle test for my ankle.

8. On Friday morning I went for a run around London! It was a scenic run, involving 2 bridges across the Thames, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and the Millenium wheel. I loved it!

9. I missed Halloween. However, trick or treating went ahead without me:

10. For the last few weeks it has hardly stopped bloody raining! It's very mild, but I could do with some dry, sunny days as I ease back into running again.

The best thing about rain
So hopefully I'll be back into running in the next few days and weeks, and regain my enthusiasm for blogging and all things running related!


  1. Good to see you back again but even better to hear that your ankle's almost better.

  2. Beautiful rainbow picture. That teacher training thing sounds good. And the run in London sounds wonderful.

  3. I hope your ankle sorts itself out soon. Great pictures! I would love to do that run in London!

  4. Oh I'm so glad to hear your ankle is doing better. Running around London sounds amazing - so jealous! Hope things keep progressing forward!