Sunday, 17 August 2014

Commonwealth Games

We used to live in Scotland and still have friends there, so when the tickets for the Commonwealth games went on sale a couple of years ago, we applied to get some. So in the last week of July (and the first week of the summer holidays) we took an 8-hour train trip up to Scotland! We stayed with some very kind friends, and saw athletics, netball and diving.

Bring on the athletics!

David Rudisha leads 800m heats

SECC venue
'Clyde' the mascot
Netball - Scotland v N Ireland

England v Bahamas

Men for 3m springboard diving
Women's 10m diving

The diving was really impressive, and the kids enjoyed the netball most, which was very exciting, but for me the best was the athletics. There was just so much to see, always something going on, and I saw so many athletes who I recognise and admire. This was our first time seeing athletics, but I hope I can go to more in the future!


  1. It sounds great. I love that you posted. I have missed you but I haven't been posting as much either.

  2. That is so cool you guys got to go! We saw some of the coverage on TV, I think the athletics would be really cool to see, too.

  3. That would be really cool to see, what a special day. I love "Clyde" and that pool is super impressive. I laugh when I think back to the days I swam in college and our little 5 lane pool. Ha.