Wednesday 10 September 2014

Summer's over...

...well nearly. The summer holiday's are over anyway, and the kids have gone back to school, and I've gone back to work. Lucky for us, the weather is hanging on, with decent temperatures and sunny skies - yay!

We had an extremely busy August. It included Pete's 40th birthday, and we did a lot to celebrate that. Firstly we had a day in London (sans children - thanks parents!), when we wandered through the streets, had coffee in the park, ate in restaurants, visited the IMAX cinema and finally, saw a musical. We watched 'The Book of Mormon' which was great!

Trafalgar Square
 The following day we took the kids with us for a surprise arranged by me: an experience of indoor skydiving! It was good fun, and Robbie and Emma were naturals, much more so than us old fogies.
Pete & me
Emma & Robbie
The ticket also included a 'vertical jump' - this turned out to entail climbing up ladders to the top of a 125ft tower, getting strapped into a harness and stepping off! The fall was quite gentle, but the initial step off the platform took a bit of bravery. It was quite shocking to stand above and watch Robbie then Emma throw themselves off the edge, but it didn't seem to worry them!

After departing the platform top left
 After that trip, we went camping for 4 days. It wasn't too far away, but the site was very basic, with just a couple of portaloos and not much else. We had some lovely walks in the surrounding countryside.
On the South Downs
 Then we were off again to see Pete's family, and attend a music festival. We just went for one day, but it was good fun. There was a large kids' area with plenty to do, and then in the evening we saw various bands on the main stages.

Milkshakes & music
 After that we finally had a few days at home before the school term started. It's been lovely having some quiet stay-at-home weekends since then. Despite the busy month, I was please to have managed to run 83 miles in August - BOOM!! (Cycling didn't fare so well, with one poxy commute involving a puncture totalling 5 miles...).

Now it's back to routine and time to carve out some proper training and hopefully get towards a PB!


  1. You had a great holiday. They're special times that you're having with your kids - building very special memories.

  2. You had a fantastic end of summer. London, camping, indoor skydiving (have never heard of that), lovely walks, music festival. What fun.

  3. Wow! You did have a busy August! That indoor skydiving sounds fun, but I don't know if I would have been brave enough to do the jump.