Thursday, 7 October 2010

A bit of a cold

Ugh. Last Thursday I started getting a sore throat, and I've had it for a week now. I've been feeling pretty rubbish for the last few days, so this week, I've decided to just take a week off. Normally I would have gone for a bike ride yesterday, but when I woke up I was tired, snotty and really achey, so after dropping Emma at playgroup I headed to the shops instead.

I haven't done any exercise since my cycle on Sunday, and I haven't been eating particularly carefully either. This weekend I'm going away, so there'll be no cycling then. But I'm not too bothered - it's not as though I'm an elite athlete (far from it!), so I'm going to get on with some relaxing. If you're going to get a cold that stops you from training, it might as well be at the same time as an injury, right?

My foot's actually feeling a lot better, and I'm beginning to think that I might be allowed to try a run soon (please please please!!). My next physio appointment is next Thursday, so I'll be hoping for good news then.

Meanwhile this evening I'm indulging in some great tv - BBC3's 'Are you fitter than a pensioner?' This hilarious show takes 4 unfit British youths, (aged around 20), and flies them out to Sun City, Florida to spend a week with some obsessively fit oldies (aged around 70). The impossibly chirpy and generous oldies force the grumpy, lazy slobs to eat healthily and take some exercise, and the programme culminates in some kind of race of young against old.

It's a very light-hearted and jolly kind of show, and the tiny but toned American pensioners are quite inspiring. I hope I'm still running and exercising when I'm 70! The programme usually ends with tears as the seemingly changed-for-the-better Brits bid farewell to their mentors. Needless to say, Pete is out on a Thursday evening, which is why I can get away with this viewing...

Anyway, tomorrow I'm off on a plane to London to visit my sister and meet her 3-week old baby boy! I can't wait to meet little Tom, and I won't be missing my Sunday long run this weekend.

Can't wait to give this little bundle a cuddle!


  1. Oh, he's cute! It's almost enough to make a person clucky. Luckily I've just been told that my niece is pregnant (due in April) so I'll be able to get all the sleepy baby cuddles that I want next year. Enjoy your visit to London.

  2. Ahh! I hope you get to hold him lots! Enjoy!