Monday, 18 October 2010

A little running (but not as we know it)

So as predicted in my last post, I have finally been for a run! On Friday at 7am - it was still pitch black outside! - I ran a mile in 10.48m. It was quite enjoyable, and contrary to my worries, I had not forgotten how to do it. Phew. I felt pretty good afterwards, but later in the day, I started to feel a little discomfort around my ankle again. It's got to the stage where I can't tell if it hurts or if I'm just imagining it. I iced it just in case.

On Saturday I walked into town and back for a haircut - only about 3 miles in total, but I think that may have aggravated the foot a bit. That evening I tried a second test run. I was getting bored of going slowly already, so I banged out a mile in 8.48m, then jogged home for 3 more minutes. At the start of the run, I could feel a tiny niggle in my heel (just how it started last time), but as I sped up, the pain went away. It wasn't so much that I was ignoring it, but I couldn't tell if it was really hurting or just paranoia.

So that's the state of my running! I'm not sure what to do now. I was confident that I could get back to normal, but it seems that I might need yet more rest...grr... Part of me thinks that if I just take a couple of months off running, I should be able to get stuck in seriously after Christmas and it'll be worth it to get rid of this bloody injury. However, that part is being shouted down by the loud pushy part of me that wants to try a longer run this week.

Still, I'm not too sad about it as I had a really great bike ride yesterday. I did 12 miles, which took me to 30 miles last week. I went down to the beach:

And then back along the cycle path that goes right past the back of our house.

It was a sun-free morning, but the trees still looked beautiful, and I love riding over the crunchy autumn leaves...

There was no-one around so I cycled home with my camera in my hand taking shots from the bike.

Where do I go from here? I'll probably try another run this week to see whether anything hurts or not. It's half-term here, so no school or playgroup for the kids, which means fitting in bike rides will be tricky, but I'll fit something in when I can.

A silly video from the bike!


  1. The bike ride looks great! I wish I had a crystal ball that would say "DO this and your heel will heal." Frustrating!

  2. It's so hard coming back from injury. You're 'feeling' for it all the time and it's hard to know if pains are phantom or not. Thank goodness for your bike!

  3. Thanks for the photos - the scenery is beautiful and such a nice change from my urban setting. I'm sorry about your heel. That is so very frustrating when you've been patient and your body just isn't cooperating. Keep up with the biking!
    So, I just passed on a Versatile Blogger Award to'll have to check my recent post to get the details.