Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The need for speed

So I am signed up for a 5k this Saturday!

The last 5k race I did was Edinburgh Parkrun on 23rd April, when my time was a modest 26m29s. I am really hoping to beat this on Saturday - (in fact I beat it a few minutes ago when I went out for a test run!). That Parkrun race was a comeback from all those months of non-running and heel pain injury, so I was pleased with the time, but now I want to get closer to my PB.

I think it was in October 2009 when I ran my fastest 5k (also Edinburgh Parkrun) in 24m50s. That was a pretty long time ago, and obviously I lost a lot of fitness while not running much between Sept 2010 and March 2011. Now I feel that I'm getting back to full running fitness, so I'd really like to run something close to that PB.

This means I need to be running around 7.59 min miles, which seems absurdly fast. However, I must have done it once, I suppose. I tried a fast 5k last weekend and it was a disaster - I ended up stopping after 2 miles. But I've just run 5k with the aim of a fast but comfortable 1st and 3rd mile and a fast as possible 2nd mile. I pressed the off button on the Garmin at 26m15s - the fastest 5k I've run since 5th July!

Now I ran fairly hard just now, but I had enough held back to speed up at the end and finish strong. When I came through the front door, I was breathing heavily, but not about to collapse or puke, which was how I felt when I got my PB. This indicates that I could go quite a bit faster!

Of course it'll all depend on the day - the race is in a town I've never visited, so I don't know whether the course will be hilly or crowded, and if there is more of this windy weather we've had, then I don't fancy my chances. But my goal for Saturday is to get close to 25 minutes, and my super-goal, if all conditions are perfect, is to get near that PB from the old, pre-plantar fasciitis days!


  1. Wow! you're speedy mum. that's a crazy good time. Good luck on Saturday, hope the wind is at your back.

  2. Good luck. Can't wait to hear about it. Enjoy the race no matter what happens! I'm not saying you can't do it, just have a good time.

  3. Good luck with the 5K! I never "race" on my own as well as I do in a race, so I think you'll do better than those 2 fast miles the other day. Have fun!!

  4. Good luck on Saturday. We'll be waiting to hear the results.

  5. Hooray for the 5k! Good luck with your winter run & remember to smile. That always makes me go faster.

  6. Good luck with the race on Saturday Liz. Hope you get the time you want.
    My last Park Run time (in July) was 24.36 - so not much difference between us.

  7. Good luck! 25 minutes is very speedy!