Monday, 7 November 2011

A few days off

In my last post I was excited about running my highest mileage week of 2011, but I mentioned that I might make the following week a bit of a break. It certainly turned out that way.

I knew I wouldn't be able to fit a run in as I was travelling and staying at a friend's all weekend, but I planned to run on Tuesday and Thursday, as well as a bike ride on Monday. In fact by Thursday evening I felt quite under the weather, with a headache and lots of aching muscles all over. I also had a really sore throat, so I think I'd caught some nasty little bug. I decided to stay home on Thursday and not risk the run.

So after my big mileage week, I managed a really tiny one! I ran 3.6 miles on Tuesday, (which included my fastest 5k since 14th September!). Thank goodness I am anal enough to keep such detailed records. I also has a really good bike ride on Monday. It was 11 miles on country roads and cycle path.

And that was that. I had an exercise free period from Weds to Sunday, so look out November - I'm rested, I'm ready and I'm going to be building that mileage up again!


  1. I'm glad you're feeling better. November here you come!

  2. Sorry you caught a bug. It's a new month, a new beginning - that's my motto. Oct was NOT a good training month over here.

  3. Let's just call last week a recovery week.

  4. Sometimes it's really good to have a break, even if it wasn't really the plan! Sounds like you are full of energy now!

  5. I'm sure the rest was just what you needed. I'm also feeling ready for November. About your question on my blog: My family and loved ones are actually a very big part of my running and we have many days, weekends and even weeks away with races. They have just asked up to now to not be included in many (in some cases any) posts. They encourage and support me 100% and I feel blessed that way. I do give back special time to them as well.

  6. I think that the rest has to be part of the running routine.
    Have a good week end.