Saturday, 30 June 2012


This is what I did yesterday before dinner:
1. Took Robbie to school and came home
2. Took Emma to school (a trial session before she starts properly in September)
3. Took out the recycling
4. Returned some library books
5. Went to the supermarket and shopped for ingredients
6. Picked up Emma
7. Made a courgette frittata
8. Made and ate lunch with Emma
9. Took Emma to nursery
10. Ran 5 miles (intervals)
11. Had a shower
12. Picked up Emma
13. Made a chocolate cake
14. Picked up Robbie
15. My parents arrived for the weekend - yay!
16. Prepared a salad to go with the frittata
17. Picked up Pete from the station
18. Had dinner and relaxed!

What a busy day, but I'm so glad I managed to fit the run in, and the frittata and chocolate cake were both delicious and totally worth the trouble!

Oven baked courgette and feta frittata


  1. Whoa! But you can handle it all, right? ;-)

  2. so...what exactly is courgette? That looks down right delicky btw... ;) glad you got in your run too!!!

  3. Yummy!! You definitely deserved that treat after that crazy day! :)

  4. Emma starts school this year?! In my head kids always stay the same age as when I 'met' them. I guess it's a denial response to getting older.

    That was a huge day! I hope you've had a lovely weekend with your parents.

  5. Phew! I'm tired just looking at that list! Nice job!