Tuesday 3 July 2012

June Rundown

I started June with high hopes of increasing my mileage, aiming to run a 10 mile long run each week, and average over 20 miles a week. Things didn't quite work out that way though. I started off well, but when I got a cold, I missed a lot of miles.

Altogether, I've run 5 times less than planned due to first the cold, and then a week of congestion-fueled headaches, followed by a week of just feeling tired! What a party pooper that all was. So although I still got some long runs done, I totally didn't hit my planned weekly mileage, and in fact June ended up being my second lowest mileage month, after May. It also included Half Term holidays, which didn't help, and I hardly got out on my bike at all. Bummer.

So much for the idea of building up the miles. I'm going to carry this goal over to July, and hope I don't get struck down by illness, injury, plague or other. The final week of July is our summer holiday, so I'm hoping to maintain some good running despite being in a cottage in France. No excuses!

Although the number of miles run is disappointing, June wasn't all bad. It seems a long time ago now, but at the start of June I ran a trail race, and won my first ever prize as 3rd female. I hope it won't be the last time I win something - as long as I keep entering really small races I'm in with a chance!

So that was June:

Ran 15x = 72.4 miles
Cycled 3x = 16.1 miles
1 Race
1 Prize - 3rd Female!

Onwards and upwards...

Wave goodbye to being ill!


  1. Third female in a race.Totally good month!

  2. It's a little frustrating when your plans don't pan out. But sometimes near enough has to be good enough and you can't help getting sick. Your stats are still impressive.

  3. Third place! Nice going:)

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