Sunday 8 July 2012

Running, Riding, Wimbledon

I got back on top of things this week, with a 10 mile run on Monday. This was after 2 weeks of shorter 'long runs', so I was really pleased to get those miles done. It was no better than that though, as the speed was NOT good! I could only average 9.17 min miles, when I was managing around 9 min miles for the same distance before I caught a cold.

Anyway, I ran three more times in the week, all before breakfast, and totalled 20.7 miles for the week, so back to the twenties - yay!

On Tuesday afternoon I went for a little bike ride. My legs were tired after Monday's run, and it was windy, but it was a new route, and I enjoyed it. The rain just about held off  until I got home, which made a nice change.

Finding a spot under the bridge before it rains

Less of that this week, as I've been feeling much fitter, but I have managed to watch a lot of the tennis. I follow Wimbledon on tv every year, and this year has been a belter. I'm typing this during a rain delay in the final - a men's final which includes a British player for the first time in 74 years. I love Andy Murray, and I really hope he does well, but Federer is a pretty formidable opponent. It's great to have a British player in the final at least. Come on Andy!

Picnic in front of the tv while we watch tennis!

Ran: 20.7 miles
Cycled: 10 miles
Watched: lots of tennis matches


  1. We watched a lot of Wimbledon here at our house too and now my boys are out playing tennis :). Glad you're feeling lots better...don't fret, the pace will come back in a week after the body adapts again. You're doing fantastic!

  2. That is some great milage. Has summer come, other than those recent rains?

  3. I love Wimbledon too but the only problem is that it doesn't start until 10:30 at night and goes through till dawn. The only time I've gotten to see lots of it was when I was at University and when I was up most of the night sequinning.

    Well done on such a good fitness week. And don't worry too much about the speed. It'll come back.

  4. I have to say I have never stayed up sequinning! Good job getting those miles in. The speed sounds good to me.

  5. Ah...Wimbledon...LOVE watchiing it ;) nice mileage this week...I think the speed will come back when your body is ready, but I think you seem pretty speedy to me!!

    Thanks for the follow and nice comments...ah...zuchinni pie I would call it!!! YUM!

    Love the napkins under your kids plates btw ;)