Monday 16 July 2012

Last week was great because...

1. I had a better long run than the previous week. It was the same distance (10 miles), but my time was faster, and approaching the speed I ran before I got the lurgy a few weeks ago (9.08 min/miles rather than 9.17 min/miles).

2. I did my first hill run in a very long time. When we lived in Scotland it was pretty hard to go for a flat run, as there were hills in every direction, but here in Sussex there aren't so many slopes. On Friday though, I decided it had been too long since I'd tackled a proper hill, and found our nearest. It was just over a mile to get there, then up, down, turn around, up and down again and home. It felt really good and I must do that more often!

3. I ran my highest weekly mileage for a while. My aim since the start of June has been to run about 20 miles or more a week, but that plan was shafted by my cold. Last week though, I ran 23.2 miles, which I was pretty happy with.

4. I fitted in a good bike ride too! It was windy and slow, but good fun.

5. Robbie got his end of year school report! He is doing well in most subjects - and obviously behaves better at school than he does at home - but his reading is really good. He has started to really enjoy reading recently, and he's well above the standard that he should be, no doubt because he takes such pleasure in it. I don't mind that he's only average at computing...

Robbie reads to Emma, Granny and Grandad

6. Emma said to me on Friday after I picked her up 'Did you go for a run when I was at nursery?' She knows that's what I usually do. I said yes, and she said. 'Brilliant. Because that's healthy'. They have been learning about how to be healthy, and her teachers had confirmed that stretching, eating fruit and running were all healthy practices. It was nice to have Emma's approval!

Emma and a not so healthy drink


  1. So cute that your little one is checking up on you!

  2. That picture of Emma and the drink is just adorable. LOVE IT!!

    Looks like things are picking up for you, fantastic news!! I wish I could run 10 miles at 9.08 right now...I've lost my speed and just can't seem to find it. Bleh. Well done, girl!

  3. Good on Robbie for being a reader. It will hold him in good stead through his school life and beyond. And it's less usual for a boy so you've obviously done something right.

  4. Indeed a good week! Having approval like that is just awesome!

  5. That's so cute! Isn't it a great feeling to be such a good role model for your kids?

  6. I love Emma's comment. And how wonderful to have a son who enjoys reading! That is more than half the battle.